30 Wednesday Affirmations You Need Today

Wednesday, otherwise known as Humpday, is the very middle point of the average working week, and as such, many of us find ourselves in need of a certain pick-me-up at that point in the week.

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30 Wednesday Affirmations You Need Today

Are you looking for an energy boost of your own to carry you through the rest of the week? Then why not try some simple affirmations?

Affirmations are simple phrases that you can repeat to yourself again and again in order to promote positive thinking, and they can very easily boost your mood, or fill you with that mid-week motivation you may need!

But what are these affirmations? Of all of the millions of affirmations across the internet, which ones are most effective, especially for use on a Wednesday? 

Been searching around for the best Wednesday affirmations? Then make sure to read down below, because we have cataloged some of the very best for you to make use of!

1. “This Wednesday I Shall Discover My Full Potential”

Let’s kick off the list with an affirmation that directly refers to the day at hand.

It can be easy, by the time that Wednesday rolls around, to find yourself becoming complacent and tired, but this affirmation will help to give you that extra boost to carry you through the middle of the week.

2. “I Am Good And Getting Better”

It can be difficult, especially midway through a tough week, to recognize the progress we have made. This affirmation will remind you of that, while also noting that you are also great as you already are!

3. “What A Wonderful Wednesday Morning”

It’s simple, but so incredibly effective. This affirmation is perfect for reciting to yourself on Wednesday mornings, to get your day off to an incredibly positive start!

4. “Wednesday Is The Day Full Of Wonders”

Wednesday can truly be whatever you want it to be, and this affirmation is a wonderful recognition of this. It will easily get you going, and will have you believing in the potential that the day has to offer.

5. “I Wake Up Motivated”

Ever find yourself lacking in motivation on a daily basis? With this simple affirmation, you can easily inject a little bit of motivation into your day, right as you wake up.

You really will feel energized, and it will help you to put into perspective all of the things you wish to achieve in the day that waits ahead of you!

6. “I Am Happy In The Now”

It is more important than ever to appreciate the present moment, and this affirmation will help you to do just that, and will help you to recognize happiness even on the most average of Wednesdays!

7. “I Am Staying On Top Of My Work This Wednesday”

The key to any successful week is keeping your motivation strong on Wednesday, this will help you to achieve just that!

8. “There Is Nothing Stopping Me From Being My Best Self”

Often, the biggest obstacle that stands between you and success is yourself, and this affirmation will help you to shift your self-perception.

9. “I Am Ready To Work Hard If It Brings Me Closer To My Dream Life”

This is one of the best affirmations for upping your energy levels, and filling you with motivation to get things done, no matter how difficult! Perfect for a mid-week boost!

10. “I Am Grateful For My Strong And Healthy Body Today”

It’s important to be grateful for our health and our lives, as it can be very easy to take them for granted. This serves as a perfect little reminder!

11. “I Am Grateful That I Woke Up To Live Another Wednesday”

We never know what each new day may bring, and this affirmation will help you to remember that, no matter how boring the coming Wednesday may seem. Look forward to each day and what surprises it may bring!

12. “I Am Thankful For My Success And Daily Growth”

Give yourself a good pat on the back and recite this affirmation that will remind you of just how much you have managed to achieve, and just how much you have left to achieve! 

13. “I Am Grateful For Everything I’ve Experienced This Wednesday”

This affirmation makes a perfect way to close off the working day, and will help you to put the events of the day into perspective, helping you to achieve a restful night of sleep.

14. “I Am Excited To See What Thursday Brings Me!”

If anything is certain about Wednesday, it’s that Thursday is just around the corner, so why not head into that new day with plenty of excitement and vigor? 

15. “I Will Be My Most Effective Self Today”

Entering the day with a healthy and positive mindset is an active choice that we must make, and this affirmation will ensure that you are able to recognize this. 

16. “I Can’t Wait To See The Results Of My Productive Wednesday”

This is one of the most effective Wednesday affirmations we have ever come across, because it works as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Repeating it to yourself increases the likelihood that you really will have an effective Wednesday!

30 Wednesday Affirmations You Need Today

17. “This Wednesday Is Gonna Be So Productive That Tuesday Gets Jealous”

One of the best ways to make an affirmation truly memorable is to make it humorous! This is one of the funniest affirmations on this list, putting you in a good mood, and making you feel ready to take on whatever Wednesday throws at you!

18. “I Am Allowed To Enjoy This Wednesday To The Fullest”

Allow yourself to enjoy the day ahead, so that you can appreciate all of the wonders that daily life can bring that often go under-appreciated!

19. “I Can Do More Than I Ever Thought I Was Capable Of”

Already had a productive week thus far? Then carry that productivity even further by repeating this affirmation that is sure to help you push even further!

20. “Wonderful Things Happen On Wednesdays”

You will soon start believing in Wednesdays when you repeat this mantra to yourself. It’s so effective!

21. “I Am Committed To Having A Productive Day”

Committing yourself to having a productive day is actually incredibly effective at ensuring that it happens! Try it out for yourself, you’ll be surprised at how well it works!

22. “I Am Needed In The World”

It’s all well and good to feel productive in our own lives, but it can be easy to forget the impact that our daily actions have on the wider world. This can help to make your Wednesdays feel truly impactful.

23. “I Can Feel Tired. Being Tired Does Not Equate To Being Useless”

Sometimes you need to cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to feel tired or low on energy. This affirmation will help you to recognize when you are tired, and allow yourself the time to recharge in a healthy way.

24. “I Value My Wednesdays Just As Much As My Weekends”

We all love the weekend, but what if we could love our Wednesdays to the same degree? With this, you just might be able to!

25. “I Have 3 Days Left Until The Weekend!”

Having a particularly rough week already? Then allow this affirmation to put everything into perspective, at least a relaxing weekend is only three days away! 

26. “This Wednesday Will Attract More Love To Me”

Love can take many forms, and it is a truly valuable thing for many people across the world to seek out. This affirmation will help you to feel closer to love, and will help you to recognize its smaller manifestations across the day!

27. “I Got A Fresh Start Today”

Whether you want to feel refreshed in the morning, or you want to let go of the baggage of the last few days, we can guarantee the effectiveness of this affirmation. 

28. “I Am Open To New Opportunities This Wednesday”

Each day can bring new opportunities, and Wednesday is definitely no exception!

29. “This Day Will Start On The Right Foot”

Starting your day on the right foot is very important, so let this affirmation help you to do just that!

30. “I Will Not Let Negative Thoughts Dominate My Wednesday”

Get complete control over your mind and your thought processes by repeating this highly effective mantra! 

To Wrap Up

There are so many awesome affirmations across the internet that can help to make your Wednesday even better, but these are definitely amongst the most effective!

Why not try some of them out for yourself? You can easily mix and match certain ones depending on what you want out of the day, and the best part is that they are incredibly easy to remember!

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