30 Sleep Affirmations You Need Today

If you have trouble falling asleep, or even staying asleep, affirmations can be used to inspire calmness, clarity, and contentment each night you lie down to sleep.

Sleep affirmations can be repeated before bedtime or while in bed, and are effective at pushing out negative thoughts, quieting your mind, and encouraging positivity to induce deep and restful sleep.

30 Sleep Affirmations You Need Today

Below, find 30 sleep affirmations you need today to enjoy a better night’s sleep. Whether you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep all through the night, the following affirmations are sure to provide some help.

1. I Have No Problems

Worrying about your problems while lying in bed is hard to prevent. Problems are not problems if they have solutions, however, and problems that do not have solutions are essentially out of your control. Use this affirmation as a liberating reminder.

2. I Am Free From Stress And Worry

Repeating comforting affirmations can change your mood – even if you don’t necessarily feel that way. This affirmation can therefore be used to tell yourself you are free of stress and worry, which can help induce sleep.

3. I Am Satisfied With Today

It’s far easier to fall asleep when you feel satisfied with your day and the things you did and achieved. You can reduce negative thoughts by repeating this positive sleep affirmation before your bedtime.

4. I Am Ready To Relax And Sleep

It’s hard to sleep if we have unfinished tasks that we wanted to complete but didn’t. So, this is another effective affirmation that can encourage sleep by telling your mind and body that you are ready to rest.

5. I Am Excited For Tomorrow

To encourage sleep, sometimes it’s effective to think positively about tomorrow. Feeling anxious about what tomorrow will bring can prevent sleep, so use this affirmation to tell yourself that you are excited and not worried.

6. I Am Not Afraid Of What Tomorrow Has In Store

Whether you have a job interview, date, or important test coming up, worrying about the outcome can make it hard to fall asleep. This affirmation can be repeated to reduce your fear – not just for tomorrow, but whatever the future holds.

7. I Heal Through Sleep

Thinking of the benefits of sleep can help you to fall asleep easier. Sleep recharges your mind and repairs your body, so use this sleep affirmation to remind yourself of that and encourage a full night’s sleep.

8. I Am Safe And Protected

It might seem unnecessary to tell yourself that you are safe and protected in your own house, but this affirmation can be highly effective. It instills a sense of comfort and security, which can help you to fall asleep.

9. I Am Loved And Supported

Similar to the above affirmation, telling yourself that you are loved and supported can help you fall asleep, as it can make you feel safe, valued, and appreciated. This can be a helpful affirmation if you often sleep alone.

10. I Let Go Of Past Mistakes And Future Desires

Being present boils down to letting go of what went wrong in your past and what you desire to happen in the future. Worrying about either—or both—will make it impossible to sleep, so use this affirmation to be more present and mindful.

11. I Love My Life

It’s easy to fall asleep when you are happy, satisfied, and content. So, repeating something as simple as this affirmation can be an effective way to encourage grateful thoughts and fall asleep content.

12. I Am Tired

Sometimes we aren’t as tired as we realize, which can lead to putting off sleep and, as a direct result, habitual late nights. This affirmation can help you recognize that you are tired, or even convince yourself that you are tired, to help you fall asleep.

13. I Fall Asleep Quickly

If you don’t have problems sleeping but find it hard to fall asleep quickly, this sleep affirmation can help, since the frustration of not being able to fall asleep quickly can prevent sleep and also discourage you from sleeping.

14. I Welcome My Dreams

No matter whether you regularly have happy or strange dreams, it can make it easier to fall asleep by welcoming, embracing, and accepting your dreams. Even bad dreams are not reality, so you might use this affirmation as a source of comfort and confidence.

15. I Am Light And Sleepy

Feeling light can mean feeling mentally light and physically light. Both of these can make you feel stress-free, calm, and sleepy, so this affirmation might be effective for you if you often feel anxious or uncomfortable in bed.

16. I Am At Peace

Reminding yourself—or telling yourself—that you are at peace can instill a positive sense of calmness and contentment to help you sleep. This is a simple affirmation, but one that can be powerful and highly effective.

30 Sleep Affirmations You Need Today

17. I Will Sleep Soundly All Through The Night

If you often struggle to stay asleep all through the night, it can be due to discomfort, stress, or anxiety. This affirmation can not only help you to fall asleep, but rewire your brain to not wake up automatically.

18. My Bed Is Comfortable And Safe

Even expressing gratitude for your bed and how comfortable and safe it makes you feel can help you to fall asleep easier. This affirmation can also divert your thoughts away from worries and anxieties.

19. I Deserve To Sleep And Rest

As mentioned, falling asleep can be hard if you don’t feel satisfied with your day – or didn’t complete everything you wanted to do. If you relate, you can use this affirmation to tell yourself that you did enough and deserve to rest.

20. Today Is Over

It’s impossible to always complete everything we want to do every single day. This sleep affirmation can help you if you frequently think about unfinished chores or tasks when you lie down to sleep.

21. Everything Is Slow And Calm

A comfortable sleeping environment can help you fall asleep as much as having a calm mental state. This affirmation can therefore help if you find it hard to relax due to discomfort or noise.

22. Every Breath Makes Me Sleepier

Focusing on breathing is a fundamental part of meditation that can also be used to help you fall asleep. Repeat this affirmation to focus on your breathing as well as block out negative thoughts.

23. I Am Floating On A Lake

Sometimes envisaging that you are somewhere calmer and more peaceful can help you to fall asleep faster. This is a common technique for soldiers, so this affirmation can help provide a mental escape that will induce sleep.

24. I Am On The Right Path

Worrying about where you are in life and comparing yourself to others can lead to bedtime anxiety. Everyone is walking their own unique journey, so remind yourself of that using this liberating sleep affirmation.

25. Sleep Heals And Cleanses Me

Sleep doesn’t just heal your body; it can cleanse your thoughts and emotions to help you wake up feeling lighter and happier. For that reason, you might feel more encouraged to fall asleep by repeating this affirmation.

26. All Is Well And As It Should Be

Stressing over the future and the things you want to change will, needless to say, make it hard to fall asleep. This sleep affirmation can offer comfort and reassurance if you often wish things were different.

27. I Am Proud Of Myself

Pride, satisfaction, and gratitude are powerful emotions that can help you fall asleep and enjoy improved quality of sleep, overall. This affirmation is simple yet effective at inspiring those feelings.

28. I Am Better Than I Was Yesterday

At the end of the day, all that ultimately matters is that you did something to make yourself better than you were yesterday. This is an affirmation that can help you sleep by providing a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

29. I Will Do Better Tomorrow

It’s perfectly OK to have a bad day. And no matter whether you made mistakes, experienced conflict, or didn’t do your best, you always have tomorrow to try again. Use this affirmation to provide comfort and reassurance before falling asleep.

30. I Am Grateful (for…)

The opposite of worrying about problems before bedtime is expressing gratitude. So, last but not least, this is a powerful affirmation that you can use to feel gratitude and even list off things that you are grateful for to help you fall asleep.

Final Thoughts

As a final thought, your final thoughts before bedtime are often the biggest factor determining whether you fall asleep quickly or remain awake.

So, if you are often kept awake by unwanted thoughts or a busy mind, we hope one of these sleep affirmations proves effective to help you fall asleep – and also stay asleep.

All in all, affirmations are more powerful than most people realize. They can not only help to alter your mood instantly, but permanently change your mindset and perception when repeated often.

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