30 Self Concept Affirmations You Need Today

Everyone needs a healthy self concept.

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And that basically means believing good things about yourself, and generally seeing yourself in a positive light.

30 Self Concept Affirmations You Need Today

Once you have a good self concept, you can go about your life with confidence, unhindered by negative self-talk.

It is said that we have an ideal self and a real self. But when times are hard, it’s not always the ideal self that comes through.

However, if you are always striving to be your best self, then you are more than halfway there. It means you have the right mind set.

The good news is that everybody can work on their self concept. No matter what your faults may be and where you start from, you can grow and develop your self concept, which can empower you to take on the world!

This is an article about self concept affirmations.

Self concept affirmations are a great way of developing your self-concept in such a way that as you repeat the affirmations, you will believe the words more strongly each time, thus boosting your self-concept to a whole other level, giving you the confidence to be you, and be you better.

30 Self Concept Affirmations

The following self concept affirmations are not listed in any particular order. Please feel free to scroll through and pick out which ones are best for you.

1. I Am A Valuable Human Being

This is your starting point when it comes to believing your worth. The first thing you need to establish in your self-concept is your value. Others see it, and so should you.

2. I Am Compassionate With Myself And Others

Compassion is hands down one of the most important qualities a person can have.

Compassion can change the world. But compassion is not just about helping and hearing others, it’s also about being kind to yourself when you need to be.

3. People Value My Work, My Time, And My Love

Look around you. Do people say “thank you” when you’re doing something for them? Do you get paid for the work you do? Rest assured in the knowledge that people value your work, your time and your love.

4. I Am Just As Worthy As Anyone Else

Don’t let anyone make you feel you are inferior to anyone else in any way. Sure there may be people who are prettier, brainier, or make funnier jokes, but let me tell you now, you are just as worthy as anyone else on this planet.

5. I Have The Power To Have A Great Life

You’re not a sitting duck in this life. You are not a passive recipient of life. You have the power to make your life whatever you will – go for it!

6. I Treat Myself With Respect And Honor

This is an important way of looking at yourself. The more you treat yourself with respect and honor, the better care you will take and the better position you will be in to go about your life.

7. I Appreciate Who I Am And What I Can Offer

You need to appreciate just who you are and what you’re capable of. No matter what walk of life you find yourself in, there’s no doubt you will have picked up helpful attitudes and skills along the way.

8. I Am Beautiful, Intelligent, Fun, And Full Of Life

Believe in the positive things about yourself – ALL OF THEM! You are beautiful to someone, intelligent to someone, fun to someone, and you can be bursting with energy and life.

9. I Am Perfect Just The Way I Am

Perfectionism is wrong. There is no perfect. It’s an illusive dream because everyone is already perfect in their own way, being the best person they know how to be.

10. I Am Grateful For My Body, And I Like How It Looks

Your body is magnificent. It’s an ornamental machine designed to do just about everything you can think of doing. When you stop to think about it, it’s basically a walking miracle that you’re in ownership of.

11. I Feel Great About Who I Am

Don’t just stop at feeling valuable and appreciated. You are not just good, you are great, and you need to know it and feel it in your bones.

12. I Am Strong, Beautiful, And Confident

Ok, so you’re not Beyoncé. But you are all those qualities that she emulates. If you decide to be, you are strong, beautiful, and truly confident.

13. My Body Is Beautiful, Exactly The Way It Is

Few people have the perfect body, but it’s the only you’ve got, and the body you know best. You are in a better position than anyone to appreciate its beauty.

14. I Am Worthy Of The Compliments I Receive

When someone has something nice to say about you, don’t brush off their positivity. Allow yourself to see yourself in the same positive light as they do.

15. I Am Enough, And I Don’t Need To Change

Some of us try to better ourselves, but sometimes change can be hard. Don’t feel that you’re in any way inadequate just because you’re struggling with something.

You are whole just the way you are, and anyone who wants you to change should check themselves first.

16. I Love Who I Am Inside And Out

A healthy self concept is about accepting and believing in ALL OF YOU. Your inner self and your outer self (your body). Relish in who you are, and know that what’s inside is just as valuable as the outside.

17. I Expect The Best For Myself

If you expect to fail, you’re setting yourself up for failure, because you’ve already given up before you start. But if you expect the best for yourself, you’re inviting a better life in. 

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18. I Am Beautifully Unique

So what if you don’t look and act just like everyone else? You don’t need to. You have your own unique physique, your own ways, and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

19. I Accept My Body The Way It Is Today

We all age. It’s inevitable. And your body is not going to stay the same as when you were 18. But whatever condition your body is in it’s the only one you have, so accept it and value it. It’s still working after all.

20. People Want What I Have

It’s quite empowering when people begin to envy you. They may envy your looks, personal characteristics, your friends and family, your lifestyle and maybe more. That’s a signal that you have it good.

21. I Am Intelligent And Fun, And People Like Talking To Me

It’s often in social situations that a healthy self concept becomes particularly valuable.

Knowing what great company you can be can give you the courage to approach others, or simply give you confidence when you are approached.

22. I Can Achieve Anything I Want

What a great thing to believe about yourself. Think back on all the different things you’ve tried to do in the past.

If there were more successes than failures, then maybe you can see that as evidence that you can achieve anything you want.

23. I Can Assert Myself And Stand Up For Myself And Others

It is important to know that you can assert yourself when you need to. Don’t let anyone walk all over you, or anyone you care about for that matter.

24. I Contribute Wonderful Things To This World, Even If They Are Small

Did you smile at a passing stranger today? You might have made their day if they were feeling down. Don’t underestimate the positive effect you can have on others. You never know, the smallest thing can make a big difference.

25. Today, I Am Choosing To Believe The Best In Me

Every day is a fresh start. If you didn’t believe the best in you yesterday, then you can make up for it today – go ahead!

26. I Am A Kind Person, And I Care About Others

If there was ever a quality people admire in others it’s kindness and compassion. It’s the only way to right wrongs, and it’s everybody’s strongest asset.

27. I Respect My Limitations And Am Grateful For The Capabilities I Have

Having a good self concept is not about trying to tell yourself things that simply aren’t true. Everyone has limitations, even if we are not privy to them. Concentrate more on what you can do, and not on what you can’t.

28. I Strive To Do My Best Every Day, And That’s Enough

No one can ask more of you than to do your level best. So if you can do that, there’s no higher target.

29. I Treat My Body With Care And Love

Your body is what you’re born with and what you’ve grown into. It is your most precious object. Body and mind are one. If you look after your body, it will look after you.

30. I Nourish My Body Every Day

Why not repeat an affirmation every time you eat. Every meal you eat provides important nutrients for your body, and it’s an excellent opportunity to acknowledge that you love yourself.

Wrap Up

I hope that after reading this article, you will believe that you ought to think highly of yourself.

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