30 Positive Affirmations For Teens You Need Today

We’ve all experienced being teenagers! It’s a fun and interesting time, filled with new experiences – however, it’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows.

As teenagers, we’ve all had to overcome some challenges, and you’ll know that all too well if you now have one of your own.

30 Positive Affirmations For Teens You Need Today

They experience unrealistic expectations, thoughtlessness, and conflicting messages that can be tough to deal with.

The good news is that by using positive affirmations, your teenager can start developing a positive mindset and cope with difficult situations.

So, whether you have a teenager or you’re a teenager yourself, you can read our list of 30 positive affirmations that can help you deal with the hardships of teenage life.

What Is A Positive Affirmation?

Teenagers frequently experience life as hectic and unpleasant. Giving people coping skills has grown in significance when it comes to safeguarding mental health.

There has been increased attention paid to the idea of “mantras” as yoga and meditation have become more widely accepted for their health advantages and are regularly practiced by individuals of all ages.

Mantras are simply words or phrases that one might repeat aloud or in silence to assist in regulating thoughts, setting goals, and sharpening attention. They are also sometimes referred to as affirmations or good thoughts.

When a worried person needs them most, they can be an excellent resource.

Affirmations can be used as tools to help you navigate this frequently confusing moment in your life and can have a lasting influence.

Teenagers are often better prepared to handle the obstacles life throws at them because coping skills are more likely to become routines the earlier they are taught to them.

The Benefits Of Affirmations

Teenagers can use affirmations as a potent tool to accomplish their goals and get through common challenges and frustrations.

The way that teenagers assimilate their experiences and occupy their time is essential to their brains’ growth and development.

Teenagers experience many highs and lows as they strive to determine what kind of person they want to be in this world.

Social media also comes with a comparison trap that can lead teens to constantly compare themselves to their classmates and fail to recognize the incredible person they are growing into.

An adolescent might easily begin to focus on their defects and become trapped in a cycle of negative thinking.

Teenagers are more likely than ever to have mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, negative body image, eating disorders, and substance addiction.

Although some teenagers are dealing with more serious problems than others, negative thinking may spread among teenagers, so arming your teen with a variety of affirmations might help them get through a trying period.

Naturally, mantras do not serve as a substitute for professional mental health care, but with the right application, they can be an effective parenting tool.

Some of the benefits of affirmations include:

  • Increasing self esteem and self image.
  • Improving self confidence.
  • Helping cope with negative thoughts and beliefs.
  • Renew optimism and hope.
  • Developing a positive mindset.

Overall, affirmations can be applied whenever your teen needs encouragement or direction in any aspect of their lives. Teenagers who struggle to manage their changing emotions and experiences may find great benefit from using positive affirmations.

How To Use Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be used in a number of different ways that can improve your teen’s life for the better.

First and foremost, using positive affirmations is a terrific way to start the day. When they wake up, before they go to sleep, or whenever they are feeling a little unsure, they can say these affirmations aloud.

The most effective way to use affirmations is to repeat them three to five times while paying close attention to the words’ meanings and what they are saying.

The best method to ensure that they will benefit the most from the affirmations is to focus. An affirmation can assist them in focusing and setting the proper intentions for their day and the challenges they will face.

Affirmations are also good to use when one is feeling uncertain or under a lot of stress. These can be used to help them relax, defuse highly stressful circumstances, and regain focus if they are feeling a little off.

Affirmations can also help people get ready for significant life events that they may be unsure about. Teenagers deal with a variety of situations and problems on a daily basis that adults might not be able to understand.

Your teenager can concentrate on passing a test, handle a social scenario, and actually focus on themselves and their own well-being if you give them a good set of affirmations to help them overcome their worries and calm their anxiety.

Finding the perfect affirmation for your teen can really help to make a wide range of challenges simpler to deal with and can help make their teenage years more pleasurable overall. Words have far more power than you might believe.

How To Write Your Own Affirmations

How To Write Your Own Affirmations

Your teens are the masters of their lives, and so they know what they need to hear to get themselves motivated. 

So when it comes to writing positive affirmations for teenagers, the best thing you can do is to have them all personalized.

To get started, sit down with your teen and think about these points:

  • Identify negative beliefs. What thoughts are holding them back? See if you can identify these recurring negative thoughts and beliefs and write them down.
  • Challenge negativity. Write down values that contradict the negative beliefs or thoughts. This is the basis of the affirmation. 
  • Write in the present tense. Write the statement in first person and present tense, so it feels more personal and manifested in the here and now.
  • Keep it short. The more concise the affirmation, the more powerful and memorable it will be.
  • Give it impact. Only impactful affirmations are effective. Make it beautiful and inspirational.

30 Positive Affirmations For Your Teen

Now that you know a bit more about positive affirmations, here are some examples of some your teenager can use throughout their daily life. 

These affirmations are broken up into specific concerns your teenager might have. They can use these depending on what negative thoughts they are currently experiencing.

For Self Esteem And Body Image

  • I don’t want to look like anyone but myself.
  • I get better every day in every way.
  • My self-worth is not determined by a number on a scale.
  • I embrace my flaws because I know that nobody is perfect.
  • I love myself deeply and completely.

For Dealing With Adversity

  • This too shall pass.
  • Failure is great feedback.
  • I am confident about solving life’s problems successfully.
  • I learn from my challenges and always find ways to overcome them.
  • Everything works out for the best possible good.

For Believing In Their Future

  • The future is good, and I look toward it with hope and happiness.
  • I can do whatever I focus my mind on.
  • I follow my dreams no matter what.
  • All my problems have solutions.
  • I am open to all possibilities.

For Comparing Themselves To Others

  • I compare myself only to my highest self.
  • I am not trying to fit in because I was born to stand out.
  • I refrain from comparing myself to others.
  • I am who I want to be starting right now.
  • I see perfection in both my virtues and my flaws.

For Social Conflict Or Bullying

  • I belong, and I am good enough.
  • No one can make me feel inferior without my consent.
  • I surround myself with people who treat me well.
  • I see the beauty in others.
  • I am safe and sound, and all is well.

For Improving Attitude

  • I am perfect and complete just the way I am.
  • I control my emotions; they don’t control me.
  • I am too big a gift to this world to feel self-pity.
  • Today is the best day of my life.
  • I fill my day with hope and face it with joy.

Final Thoughts

Having a teenager is like riding a terrifying roller coaster. The ups and downs come in so many different forms. With encouraging words in their possession, your child should be able to face the challenging high school years with a bit more assurance.

These are just a few affirmations that can help improve your teen’s life. These can be said to your teen on a regular basis, through difficult times, or just to inspire them to face life with courage and conviction.

Teenagers are tougher than you might think, but it does not mean that a little bit of positive reinforcement here and there won’t help or won’t make things a little bit better.

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