30 Positive Affirmations For Kids You Need Today

Motivating your children to get things done is often much easier said than done.

Especially when it comes to achieving long-term tasks, or some of the more menial and mundane tasks around the house. It can also be difficult to help them to keep a positive mindset. 

30 Positive Affirmations For Kids You Need Today

However, one of the very best ways that your children can stay motivated and positive is by internalizing some positive affirmations.

This can help to make your children much more self-sufficient in the future, and also helps to make them much kinder and can even be used to help troublesome and misbehaving children.

But of the millions of affirmations that can be found across the internet, what are some of the best ones to teach to your children? Well, read on down below, because we have found 30 of the very best!

1. “I Am Ready To Start The Day”

We figured it would be best to kick off this list with the most potent and widely usable affirmation for children. This can help to motivate children as soon as they wake up in the morning, and creates a positive mindset that continues through the rest of the day!

2. “My Opinion Matters”

If your child deals with self-esteem issues, then this could be a great affirmation to teach them. It can help them to stand up for themselves, as well as to get involved in class, making them a stronger student in the long run.

3. “I Believe In Myself”

Receiving positive affirmations from oneself can be very effective, but many forget that they are capable of doing it.

This fantastic affirmation will help to bolster a child’s confidence and equip them with all that they need to stay positive throughout the day. It will also help them to recognize and take on risks.

4. “I Can Take Deep Breaths”

Taking deep breaths is immediately helpful for lowering symptoms of anxiety, and this affirmation helps children to remember that they can calm themselves down with deep breaths whenever they find themselves stressed out or upset.

5. “My Happiness Is Up To Me”

Teaching your children the importance of self-agency from a young age can be very useful, and can help them to become very independent and self-sufficient (You might also want to check out Positive Affirmations For Teens You Need Today).

This affirmation reminds them that they can make conscious decisions toward improving their mood on a daily basis. 

6. “I Am Proud Of Myself”

Teach your child to appreciate their existing achievements, as this will help them to maintain a positive attitude as they face further challenges in the future! 

This affirmation will also help your child to feel more satisfied and fulfilled day to day, in turn upping their mood!

7. “I Can Ask For A Hug When I’m Sad”

It can often be difficult for children to understand and communicate their feelings, and this can often lead to such feelings being bottled up, which is incredibly unhealthy in the long run.

This affirmation reminds children that it is okay to be sad and that it is okay to seek out support when emotions become too overwhelming.

8. “I Can Achieve Anything I Set My Mind To”

With this affirmation, nothing can stand in the way of your child and their dreams. It will remind them that they are capable of taking on daily challenges and achieving great things.

9. “I Am Loved”

Children very often seek out signs that they are deserving of love, and that those they love reciprocate those feelings. This affirmation reminds them of their unconditional right to love and be loved! 

10. “You Are A Natural Winner”

This is a great affirmation to teach if your child often has difficulty achieving and maintaining motivation, and being confident. It will help to remind them that they have it in them to achieve big things.

11. “The World Is Full Of Endless Possibilities”

While it is very important to remind your children of their ability to achieve anything they want, this affirmation will also remind you of the importance of teaching them to appreciate the world around them, and the importance of exploring it to its fullest.

12. “My Future Is Bright”

Children often love to fantasize about their futures, and what their teenage years or their adulthoods will be like. This affirmation will help them to maintain a healthy attitude towards the future.

13. “I Am Important”

It can be easy for children to believe that they are of little value, but this will help to prove otherwise.

14. “If I Fall, I Will Get Back Up Again”

Failure is inevitable, and this affirmation will ensure that your child is mentally equipped to face it when it arises.

15. “It’s Okay To Not Know Everything”

This is a great one for motivating children in school, as children can be very competitive when it comes to grades. This will help to remind them that they won’t always get perfect grades.

16. “I Am Going To Take A Chance”

Noticed that your child is particularly risk-averse? This is one of the best affirmations for this, as it will motivate your child to take risks to achieve great things.

30 Positive Affirmations For Kids You Need Today

17. “I Am Starting A New Chapter Today”

Regrets can often cloud the minds of young children, but this affirmation will help them to let go of regrets, to move on to a more positive future.

18. “Everything Is Fine”

If your child is prone to bouts of anxiety, then this can be a perfect safety net to calm them down when they find themselves on the verge of panic.

19. “I Am An Original”

Children can often be picked on for not fitting in, but this affirmation will remind them that standing out can be a positive thing to be celebrated, and not destroyed.

20. “I Can Live In The Moment”

This reminder can help your child to escape their minds should they ever find themselves overthinking, or falling into destructive patterns of anxiety.

21. “It’s Okay To Make Mistakes”

Teach your child to let go of their mistakes using this affirmation.

22. “I Can Say No If I Am Uncomfortable”

It is crucial to teach your child healthy boundaries so that they can protect themselves in stressful situations and stand up for themselves against those that may wish them harm. 

23. “If Someone Is Being Unsafe I Will Go Ask For Help”

This teaches children to recognize their own limits and to recognize that there is often only so much that they can do to help another person. It teaches them that it is okay to seek out help from an adult if they are unsure of what to do.

24. “I Set Goals I Want To Achieve”

While setting achievable goals is important for motivating children, you also have to ensure that those children want to achieve those specific goals. 

25. “I Can Be Kind Even When It’s Hard”

Kindness is a virtue that can very often find itself lost, but this affirmation will help to ensure that your child always understands its value and that sticking to it can be hard, but ultimately rewarding!

26. “All I Need To Do Is Take The First Step”

Taking risks can be daunting, but this will remind your child that the hardest part is taking the first step. This will lead to increased bravery in your child.

27. “I Can Do Hard Things”

Teach your child to pursue challenges or daunting tasks using this affirmation that reminds them of their potential, and the sense of reward that can come from accomplishing something difficult.

28. “It’s Okay To Have A Hard Day”

It’s easy to blame ourselves when we have a tough day, and this is incredibly true for young children. This will remind your child that it is okay to have bad days and that they are inevitable. It also reminds them that they are not at fault for having them.

29. “Crying Shows Inner Strength, Not Weakness”

Crying is daunting for many children, as they believe it to be a sign of weakness. This affirmation is a beautiful reminder that crying is not a sign of weakness, and is instead actually a sign of great mental strength!

30. “My Body Is Perfect Just The Way It Is”

Having a positive self-image is crucial for maintaining a positive outlook on life, but this can often be very difficult.

This perfect affirmation makes the task much easier, and helps your child to recognize that physical flaws are actually what makes them unique and awesome!

To Conclude

There we have it. Use any number of these positive affirmations with your children, and you will find that they very quickly have an improvement in their mood and that they take on a much more positive outlook on life.

This can also help to improve their behavior and attitudes, making them better people in the long run!

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