30 Positive Affirmations For Change You Need Today

We all want to better ourselves and improve our lives in some way. But it can be hard to make lifestyle changes and accept new changes when they are presented – especially if we are so used to the comfort zone.

That’s where affirmations can help. Affirmations are short, memorable lines that you can draw strength and comfort from. And by repeating them often, you can effectively rewire the way you think.

30 Positive Affirmations For Change You Need Today

Below, find 30 positive affirmations for change that you need today.

1. Change Is Welcome And Accepted

Welcoming and accepting change is important for personal growth. Despite that, change, big or small, can be scary, so this affirmation can help to reduce any fear of change and the uncertainty it might present.

2. The Changes I Am Making are Exciting

Sometimes excitement can be overshadowed by fear. For that reason, this is an important affirmation that can help to rediscover excitement for an upcoming change in your life, or a change that you want to make.

3. I Accept The Things I Can’t Change

Some things are out of your control, which also means that it is pointless to worry about it or try to change it. It’s important to realize things you cannot change, and you can remind yourself to accept that by repeating this affirmation.

4. I Am Brave

Changes, even small ones, can be scary. And most times, the fear of what might happen is our imagination working in overdrive. It’s always important to remind yourself that you are braver than you think – and this affirmation can help that.

5. My Best Is Enough

Doing your best is ultimately all you can do. And when things don’t happen as you expected, it’s important to tell yourself you gave your absolute best. Even for upcoming challenges you might face, it’s worth reminding yourself that your best is enough.

6. I Am Open To Whatever Life Has In Store For Me

Being open-minded in life is key to welcoming and embracing change – even the changes that are unexpected. Repeating this affirmation can help you to be more open and accepting of whatever life brings.

7. I Accept Any Challenge

All challenges in life are an opportunity for change – both how you approach challenges and the result you achieve. It’s good to rise up to any challenge and be excited for the outcome, and this affirmation can inspire that readiness.

8. Pursuing My Dreams Excites Me

Like any new changes or challenges in life, dreams can be scary. This makes it important to constantly remind yourself why you are pursuing your dreams. This affirmation can reduce fear and remind you of why you are excited about your dreams.

9. Change Makes Me A Better Person

Any big or small change in life, whether good or bad, can help you become a better person. All changes come with life lessons, so you shouldn’t be afraid of change if it makes you a better person. You can use this affirmation to remind yourself of that.

10. Change Is Good For Me

Since change can help you leave your comfort zone to become a stronger, better person, it’s always good to remember that change is never bad. Change can be scary, so you can use this affirmation to find strength in change.

11. To Become Who I Want To Be, I Must Embrace Change

To achieve your goals and become the person you want to be, it’s vital to be willing to change. This includes changing who you are and what you do each day, and this affirmation offers support for those.

12. My Positivity Attracts Positive Change

It’s often true that you attract what you give out. So, by being positive in life, you will attract positive change. If you struggle with positivity, this is an affirmation that can help you to be more positive to attract positive change.

13. I Trust This Change

Change can be nerve-wracking – even if the change is good. But whether you think the change is good or bad, it’s important to trust in the process, including your decisions. Reciting this affirmation can help you trust in yourself.

14. Change Is A Part Of Life

If you are someone who is fearful about change, it’s worth reminding yourself that change is a natural part of life that’s also inevitable. So if you are afraid of change itself, then this affirmation can help change your perception.

15. I Have Unlimited Potential

Sometimes we fail to make changes to ourselves due to self-doubt. To change it’s important to recognize your potential and also believe in your potential, which you can achieve by using this affirmation as inspiration.

16. The Right Changes Happen At The Right Time

Not all changes we want to happen in our life will happen when we want them to. Change can be out of your control, so it’s worth comforting yourself with the belief that change will happen at the right time when you are ready.

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17. I Deserve Peace And Happiness

If you are hesitant about making a change to your life that might emotionally affect others, it’s important to remind yourself that you deserve peace and happiness. This affirmation is therefore a good reminder to put yourself first.

18. I Am Ready For Change

This is a simple but powerful affirmation that can help you prepare, and feel excitement, for an upcoming change in life. It could be a new job or relationship; either way, this affirmation can help you feel more positive about the future.

19. Small Changes Are Enough

Not all changes have to be big to have a positive effect. Due to this, it’s important to recognize even the smallest changes you are making to better yourself – and this affirmation can help you remember that.

20. Change Is Growth

Changes offer life lessons that help us grow. This makes it important to embrace and celebrate change, no matter whether the change happens to be good for you or not. This simple affirmation will remind you that all change is growth.

21. I Forgive And Move On

Sometimes a bad relationship or negative experience with someone can hold us back from moving forward.

Change can include changing the way you regard someone or even whether you keep them in your life – and this affirmation can help support that.

22. I Am Thankful For This Change

As much as it is important to embrace and welcome change, it’s important to be grateful. Change can come with new opportunities and experiences, so this is an affirmation that can help you be thankful for change no matter what. 

23. Today Is Full Of Possibilities

Starting your day with a positive mindset can set your mood for the rest of the day. This affirmation is great for repeating in the morning, which will help you prepare for, and embrace, any challenges and changes, and the possibilities they present.

24. I Am On The Right Path

It’s common to doubt change and whether it’s for the best. So if you’re someone who frequently questions your decisions, this affirmation can help to remind yourself that you are on the right path.

25. I Am Changing For The Better

Sometimes you might doubt whether a change you have made to your life is good. If you know why you made the change but still doubt your decision, this is an affirmation that can help you be more confident and positive.

26. I Can Handle Any Change

Sometimes we are not ready for a big change – and that’s perfectly fine. But it’s important to be ready for change, so this affirmation can comfort you when you feel unprepared or anxious.

27. Every Opportunity Is A Chance To Change

If you are someone who struggles to see the positivity in new opportunities, it can help you to realize that every opportunity is a chance to initiate change in your life. This affirmation can help you embrace opportunities big and small.

28. I Can Change Anything I Want

It’s possible to change anything about ourselves or any aspect of our lives whenever we want. Whether it’s getting fitter or changing jobs, this affirmation is a great reminder that change is always in our power.

29. I am Free To Change Whatever I Want

If you feel guilty about making a change to your life, this affirmation can help you find comfort; it’s a reminder that you are in charge of your life and can change whatever you want when you want.

30. I Love My Life

No matter whether you are making positive changes to your life or not, what ultimately matters the most is that you are happy and that you love your life. This is an affirmation that can help you accept change as well as find positivity each and every day.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we hope you found an affirmation that resonates with you. You can say it out loud or repeat it in your head. Either way, affirmations are powerful for drawing strength and comfort in times of need.

And by repeating them often, it’s also more than possible to permanently change the way you think and feel!

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