30 Mom Affirmations You Need Today

Being a mom can be a difficult and tiring experience, but also extremely rewarding. Raising a child is one of the most fulfilling things in life, and it’s a journey that’s well worth taking.

However, while there are loads of ups along the way, there can also be plenty of downs.

30 Mom Affirmations You Need Today

During the down moments, it’s important to always remember that what you’re doing is brilliant and that you – as a mom – have got this.

Repeating affirmations is a great way to remind yourself of this.

Affirmations are phrases that give you positive messages and encouragement on life, and they can help you to get back on track if you’re ever feeling down.

In our handy article below, we’ve got 30 mom affirmations that you need today.

Repeating these to yourself should have you feeling confident and energized as a mom again, ready to continue raising your child in the best way.

Read on!

How Do You Practice Affirmations?

There are a handful of different ways that you can practice the affirmations below. One of the most popular ways is by repeating the phrase over and over in your head (Also check out How To Get Out Of Your Head).

The repetition should eventually ingrain the message into your mind, and have you take it on board.

Alternatively, you can repeat the affirmation out loud. Saying the actual words can help you get a grip on them even more.

For extra effectiveness, repeat them while looking at yourself in the mirror, connecting the words to yourself via sight.

A third way to practice affirmations is by writing them down. When you write them down, they become physical and tangible.

Seeing them written down on real paper will help you embrace the messages and make them real themselves. 

30 Mom Affirmations You Need Today

I’m A Blessing To My Children

This affirmation reminds you that you’re a positive influence in your children’s life, and one that is going to impact their life for the better. 

Allowing Myself Happiness Will Inspire Happiness In my Family Too

If you’re ever feeling down, it can affect your family. Allow yourself happiness!

You deserve to be as happy as your children, and you being happy will inspire your family to be even happier too.

Motherhood Has Shown Me How Strong I Am

Being a mom is a tough job, with many difficulties along the way.

Therefore, if you’re a mom then you’re inherently strong. You are very strong and capable, and you can do everything that comes your way.

I’ll Talk About Myself Like I Would Talk About My Best Friend

Whenever you think about yourself, be positive. Talk about yourself in the glowing terms you would talk about your best friend – you deserve it.

I’m Doing My Best As A Mom – And That’s Enough

I’m Doing My Best As A Mom - And That’s Enough

Remind yourself that you are doing the best at being a mom that you can, and that’s all you can do. You give it your all and never forget it!

I’ll Look After Myself To Become A Better Mom

Sometimes raising someone else can make us forget about ourselves. It’s important that you look after yourself all the time, because it will also help you to be a better mom at the same time.

I’m Going To Recognize The Positive Side Of Being A Mom

When things are tough, it’s important to stop and recognize the reason that you’re a mom in the first place: love.

There is so much good that comes from being a mom. Focus your mind on the positives and let them drive you.

I Don’t Need Permissions To Feel Great

It’s always important to remember that you’re allowed to feel great and human. Just because you’re raising someone else, doesn’t mean you should feel sidelined.

Mistakes Are Learning Points

Everybody makes mistakes. Being a mom is tough and you’re not going to get every part right on the first try – so learn from it.

Each mistake is just a stepping stone to you becoming a better mom, because you can learn and improve from each error.

The Way Other Moms Do Things Doesn’t Have To Be How You Do Things

Love can be expressed in lots of different ways, and raising a child is different for every mother (Also check out Affirmations For Marriage You Need Today).

Don’t be intimidated by how other moms raise their children – you know what’s right for yours. 

I’ll Play With My Kids Today

It’s important to play with your kids, it helps build their character and make your bond stronger.

I Deserve To Relax

Being a mom is a tiring job, and you deserve to relax when you are exhausted.

I Choose To Look After Myself

Never feel bad for looking after yourself. If you’re tired, you deserve some rest and relaxation. 

I’m Grateful For My Ability To Create Life

Making a child is an amazing thing – you should be proud of yourself. It’s one thing to raise a child, but it’s also one thing to create one in the first place. You did that! 

I’m Important In My Children’s Lives

Regularly remind yourself that you’re an essential part of your children’s life, if not the most important part!

You are a key part in how they grow up and the kind of person that they will become, and that’s something to celebrate.

I’ll Show My Kids How To Be Kind And Just

I’ll Show My Kids How To Be Kind And Just

Speaking of influencing what kind of people your children will grow up to be, it’s important that you raise them to be kind and just.

By being a beacon of justice and kindness yourself, your children should grow up in the same image.

I Am Lovable

You’re a lovable person who deserves lots of love. You do a lot for others, especially your children, and deserve love back.

I Am Loved

You put out lots of love into the world, and you get lots of love back. You are extremely loved, especially by your children.

It Will All Be Okay

Even when things are difficult and down, it’s always going to be okay in the end. Things always improve, you just need to keep going.

I’ll Show My Children How To Care

Your children will learn how to care – and what it means to care – from you.

I’ll Have Fun Doing The Mundane

Some days are mundane, but you can have fun even when things are boring.

Being A Mom Makes Me Beautiful

Raising children and giving love makes you beautiful – never forget it.

I Am The Best Mom For My Children

Nobody else would be a better mom for your children – you were blessed with them for a reason.

I Learn To Be A Better Mom Each Day

Every day of being a mom is a learning process. You will become a better mom each day, learning about love and care from every new experience and challenge.

My Children Don’t Care About My Flaws

My Children Don’t Care About My Flaws

Your children love every part of you, they will never care about any flaws you might have.

Everybody makes mistakes and being a mom is tough – your children won’t hold anything against you. If you’re ever feeling discouraged, it’s important to remember how your children see you: glorious. 

Today Is Just A Day

If a day has gone badly, it’s important to remember that it’s just a day. Tomorrow will be a new day, and the mistakes won’t carry over.

Learn from any bad days and make sure that the next day is better.

Asking For Help Is Okay

If you’re ever struggling, it’s essential that you ask for help. Asking for help does not make you a failure. Instead, getting help will make life better for you and your children.

I’ll Embrace The Present

It’s easy to be wrapped up in the past or worry about the future. It’s essential that a mom lives in the present, because otherwise you could miss your children growing up before your eyes.

Being focused on the “now” will help you raise them better, too.

I’ll Make Memories Over Doing Chores

Chores can wait, memories can’t. If you’re ever putting chores over spending some quality time with your children, try not to.

The memories you make with your children will last a lifetime. In contrast, you won’t remember the time you did the dishes or the vacuuming.

Focus on the things that matter – create those happy memories and play with your kids.

I Can Do Anything – I Am A Mom

Being a mom takes spectacular strength and stunning amounts of love. If you can be a mom, then you can do anything.

Try not to feel doubt in other areas of your life, because you’re already doing one of the hardest things there is – raising a child. 

Final Thoughts

Being a mom can be a difficult journey, but it’s so rewarding and loving. If you’re ever struggling, practice these affirmations to yourself, and always reach out for help. 

You are strong, you are loved, and you can do this! Remember, any mistakes are just a learning experience.

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