30 Manifestation Affirmations You Need Today

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the word ‘manifest’ A LOT over the past few years.

30 Manifestation Affirmations You Need Today

However, this practice is nothing new, and it has been popular since the New Thought spiritual movement brought it to life in the 19th century. 

If you’ve done a few Google searches on the topic, or the prospect of speaking your dream life into existence has piqued your interest, we’re here to walk you through 30 of the most powerful manifestation affirmations you need to know. 

What Is Manifestation? 

If you’re new to manifestation, let us explain how it works (You might also want to check out How To Manifest Writing Down?). Manifestation is the idea that we can bring our intentions into reality through a mixture of attraction and belief.

Whether you want a new job, a better beach bod, a healthier bank account, or a bigger group of friends, anyone who practices manifestation will tell you to simply ‘manifest it.’ But what does that actually mean? 

There are many ways to manifest something you desire. Although we’re going to introduce you to manifestation affirmations, you could also manifest by: 

  • Journaling 
  • Making a vision board 
  • Use visualization methods

… and more. 

Okay, so… how does it work in practice? Let’s take a look at an example. 

Let’s say you’ve been struggling financially, and you want to ‘manifest’ more wealth for yourself. There are a few steps you could take to do this. 

Set Clear Intentions

It’s all well and good saying ‘I need more money’, but what do you need the money for? The universe will want you to be clear about your intentions, so grab your paper and pen and write down what you need your money for and how you’ll use it. 

Decide An Amount

Anyone who practices manifestation regularly will tell you how important it is to be precise. So, instead of just telling the universe you need more money, have an exact figure in mind.

Also, notice how we’re saying NEED, not want. If you want to manifest millions of dollars, but you only need to buy a new car, you’re not going to need a million dollars. This is why it’s important to be specific and plan.

Act Like You Have It

The law of attraction often goes hand-in-hand with manifestation, and if you’ve done your research, you’ll know that one of the most important things you’ll need to do when you’re manifesting is to act like you already have what you desire.

No, this doesn’t mean you have to go on a spending spree and break the bank, you WILL need a wealthy mindset.

So take a look at more expensive items, treat yourself to one or two if you can, and even plan out that luxury holiday you’ve always wanted to take. 

These are just a few basic steps that people can take when manifesting their intentions.

Although manifestation affirmations are a little different, they’re still an incredibly powerful manifestation tool – especially if you can use them with some of the techniques we’ve outlined above. 

Does Manifestation Work? 

Okay, here’s the burning question we know you’re dying to ask – does manifestation really work? 

First off, let’s start by saying that there are no studies to prove that manifestation works. The concept is complex, and it would involve investigating abstract or immeasurable concepts.

How can you prove that the universe has given you what you’ve been asking for!? This is probably one of the biggest reasons why we lack any hard evidence on manifestation and, equally, the law of attraction. 


If you do a bit of research yourself, you’ll find thousands, if not millions, of stories from people who put manifestation into action and got what they wanted from the universe.

Coincidence? Maybe, if you’re a skeptic – but if you want to believe in the power of manifestation, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence out there to support your belief.

If you’re not yet convinced that getting what you need from the world can be so easy, why not try it for yourself? 

Manifestation won’t take up much of your time, and even if it doesn’t work for you, what have you got to lose? 

If you want a simple way to kickstart your manifestation journey, stay with us because we’re about to introduce you to the 30 manifestation affirmations you need today. 

30 Manifestation Affirmations You Need Today 

Manifestation can be used for almost anything, but these particular affirmations will focus on the manifestation of love, wealth, and individual dreams. 

Love Manifestations 

  • I am ready to give my heart and receive another. 
  • I deserve to receive love and affection. 
  • I am worthy of loving and being loved in return. 
  • I love myself, and my partner loves me too. 
  • I am open to receiving healthy love. 
  • I only attract healthy, fulfilling relationships. 
  • I will allow the universe to help me find a partner. 
  • I am surrounded by love. 
  • Love is everywhere I go. 
  • I attract meaningful connections. 

Wealth Manifestations 

  • I am capable of success. 
  • I live a wealthy and abundant life. 
  • Wealth is mine. 
  • There are no limits to the money I can make. 
  • I enjoy making money. 
  • I believe in my ability to generate more wealth. 
  • My income is always increasing. 
  • I am good at discovering new income streams. 
  • My bank account is healthy and full. 
  • I have enough money to lead the life I want. 

Manifestations To Achieve Your Dreams 

  • I move confidently toward my dream. 
  • I have no fear of failure. 
  • What I want is attainable. 
  • I am committed to my dream. 
  • My goals are achievable and well-defined. 
  • I’m taking steps towards my dream life starting now. 
  • I am becoming the person I want to be. 
  • I am in control of my actions. 
  • I set specific intentions to help me achieve my dreams. 
  • I am unstoppable. 

Using Your Manifestation Affirmations 

If you’re ready to speak the life of your dreams into existence, there are many ways to go about it. Before you start, let us give you a few tips and tricks to help you use your manifestation affirmations the right way. 

Choose One Affirmation And Work With It 

If you’re new to manifestation and affirmations, we’d recommend just choosing one affirmation to begin with. Take a look through our list and choose an affirmation that resonates with you.

If you feel ready, you can choose two – however, reciting every single affirmation on this list every day is unlikely to work.

You really need to tune in to your affirmations and your intentions if you want to manifest your desires, so pick a few, embody them, repeat them every day, and see what the universe has to offer. 

Tackle Limiting Beliefs 

This one can be tricky, but if you want manifestation to work, you must release any limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs will stand in the way of your manifestation. So what’s your biggest limiting belief?

For example, if you’re trying to manifest more wealth but believe you’re not deserving of more money, you’re not going to attract it.

Instead, counter your limiting belief with a positive statement, such as ‘I am worthy of receiving more money.’

If you’re struggling to choose an affirmation, this is a great way to do it – find your limiting belief, come up with a contrasting statement, and you’ll have your affirmation! 

Make Manifestation Affirmations Believable 

You’ll also need to make your manifestation affirmations believable. For manifestation to work, it’s usually best to take ‘baby steps’ or small upgrades to get to where you want to be.

30 Manifestation Affirmations You Need Today (1)

This is easier than making big leaps. So, if you’re earning a minimum wage salary, but your affirmation is to become a millionaire, it’s probably not going to happen.

Your subconscious mind is likely to reject this desire because it’s such a big leap from where you are. 

Instead, make your affirmation achievable and believable: it should still feel like a bit of a stretch and a big improvement from your situation, but it shouldn’t feel unattainable.

Although specificity is important in manifestation, keeping it a little vague can be great for manifesting wealth. For example, instead of trying to manifest a particular amount, you could simply say, ‘my finances are constantly improving.’ 


Here’s the most important point – repeat it! Manifestation is all about repetition. Remember, you’re also trying to change how your subconscious thinks.

Repeating your manifestation affirmations over and over again will help you change your outlook and move you closer to achieving your goals. 

The Bottom Line 

Manifestation affirmations are one of the world’s most popular and powerful manifestation tools. Although there’s no solid evidence to prove it works, you’ll find plenty of anecdotal evidence to claim it does. 

Whether you’re working towards gaining more money, getting a new job, or another personal goal, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try and manifest it with these manifestation affirmations today.

So, take control of your life, believe in yourself, and you might just be surprised!

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