30 Law Of Assumption Affirmations You Need Today

The law of assumption is often likened to the law of attraction. And to an extent this comparison is fair. They are both used for manifesting your desires, whether they be material things or otherwise.

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30 Law Of Assumption Affirmations You Need Today

However, there are some distinct differences between the two.

According to the law of attraction, you can manifest your desires by believing that you already have it. (You could argue then that the law of assumption is like a particular subcategory of the law of attraction.)

Many of those who have used the law of assumption to manifest their desires have reported that it is particularly effective. Including through the use of affirmations.

If you were to try one or two law-of-assumption affirmations, the “worst case scenario” would be feeling good anyway despite your desires not manifesting in full. In which case, it’s certainly worth a try!

Here follows a hand-picked selection of 30 law-of-assumption affirmations that you can try.

30 Law Of Assumption Affirmations

Here follows a list of 30 great law-of-assumption affirmations you can try on for size, and some brief notes on each one. (They’re not listed in any particular order.)

1. I Am The Author Of My Story And I Can Rewrite My Story

This is such an empowering statement. It instills the idea that you are the one in charge of how your story goes and what happens in your life.

2. There Is Nothing that Is Out Of Reach For Me

This is such a great concept. Even if your bigger dreams may not feel too near, the first step there most surely is!

3. Joy, Laughter, And Sharing Define My Family

What a wonderful thought. When you consider your family time to be whenever there is joy, laughter, this is what really stays in the memory when you think back.

4. I Control The Trajectory Of My Life

Life can take us down a range of different paths. But rather than merely accepting your fate, you should understand that it’s you who holds the reins to lead you onto your next chapter.

5. I Attract My Desires Through Positive Assumptions

This is what the law of assumption is truly about, and affirming it serves to further instill this belief in your mind.

6. I Am In Control Of My Thoughts, Feelings, And Emotions

Sometimes your mood isn’t what you want it to be. But that’s something you can change at any point. By tweaking your thoughts, you also tweak your attention and point of view, which in turn affects your feelings and emotions.

7. My True Love Is Already Here

If you are currently single and are looking for love, the lucky individual may already be in your life, and you simply have to work out who this person is.

8. My World Is A Projection Of My Consciousness

How you see the world depends entirely on how you look at it. Positive thoughts and emotions attract a more positive life.

9. What I Can Feel, Is Already Mine, I Receive What I Believe

This is a central tenet of the law of assumption. You feel what it is you want more of, and more of it shall come your way.

10. Anything Is Possible For Me

There’s no need to set limits on what you believe life has to offer for you. When you believe anything is possible, who knows what could happen!

11. I Constantly Attract Great Opportunities

This is such a versatile affirmation. It could apply to career opportunities, financial gains, love interests, and more. And it’s exciting, too. You just have to keep an eye out for those opportunities.

12. I Provide My Family With Everything They Need

Sometimes we can benefit from further instilling things you already know to be true, and reminding ourselves of the good we are already doing and continue to do.

13. It Feels Good To Assume The Best

If no-one was optimistic, no-one would try. But once you recognize that it feels really good to assume the best, this can become a positive habit that can really help you with the law of assumptions and creating an idyllic life for yourself.

14. I’m Thriving No Matter My Circumstances

Sure, things can get hard sometimes, we have to acknowledge that. But as long as you’re surviving and preparing for what’s to come, you are most certainly thriving.

15. The Universe Has My Back, Supporting Me In All I Do

There’s so much to be gained from believing that the universe is on your side and has a plan for you. It can encourage you to go forth with courage.

16. I Let Go Of Negativity And Limiting Beliefs

If you tell yourself that you let go of negative energy, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs, this will fade into the background and will eventually be gone altogether.

17. I Already Have All The Tools To Advance In My Career

Always aim higher, and trust that you have what it takes to move forward in life, whether it be through knowledge, skills, contacts, and the attraction of opportunity.

18. I Am Ready For A New Way Of Living

Turning points can be the most powerful of motivators. Tell yourself you are fully recharged and ready to move forward with hope and courage in your heart.

19. I Persevere And Am Persistent No Matter What

Sometimes, you just need to grit your teeth and push forward. Tell yourself that you will get through any hard times or obstacles because you’re tough as can be.

20. I Generously Give And Accept Love

You are worthy of love. And if you want to receive the love you deserve, be sure to love, care for, and appreciate all the people around you in your life.

21. I Act Like I Already Have My Perfect Life

This is what the law of assumption is all about. If you act as though you’re living your dream life, feeling everything that your dream life entails, then through the law of assumption, everything else will simply fall into place.

22. Becoming A Freelancer Opens A New Door For Me

If you ever find yourself let go from corporate life, this certainly does not spell the end of your career. Your future is in your hands, and as a freelance entrepreneur, who knows what great things could come your way!

23. I Make The Time And Effort To Reach My Fitness Goals

Few things in life are as important as your health and fitness. But optimum fitness does not come from sitting on the sofa. But if you work towards your fitness goals, you can achieve great things.

24. I Deserve Love And I Accept Love

Everyone is their own worst critic, but do not let your past prevent you from accepting the love that comes your way. No matter who you used to be, you are well-intentioned now, and therefore deserving of love.

25. I Am Destined For Greatness And My Success Is Inevitable

What a great belief to have, what a way to be inspired to go the extra mile and put the hours in. Such a powerful, encouraging statement to make. Dream big, then make it happen!

26. I Control The Outcome Of My Fitness Journey

The more you work on your health and fitness, the healthier and fitter you will be. You are in control of your fitness journey, from the beginning right through to the glorious end result.

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27. My Job Allows Me To Live In Abundance

No-one has everything. But you sure do have a lot. If you have a roof over your head, a range of foods to eat, and luxuries as well, then your hard work is paying off, and you have everything you need, and more besides.

28. My Life Is Unfolding Perfectly For Me Right Now

Life is a journey, and new things come from what has preceded it, one step at a time, with each experience a boost toward the next. The universe has a plan for you and everything will fall into place in its own time, slowly but surely unfolding as required.

29. I Don’t Have Fitness Goals, I Have Fitness Realities

As you progress in your fitness journey, you need to acknowledge all the progress you are already making. Feel your muscle build, eat well for better nutrition, feel your fitness improve as you exercise, and feel your clothes fitting better.

30. I Am Strong Enough To Deal With Any Challenge

You never know what life is going to throw at you. But once you believe that you have the strength to handle anything that comes your way, you will be unstoppable!

Wrap Up

I hope you feel uplifted by my article, and that you’ve spotted one or two affirmations that you feel could work for you.

You will find that even when life isn’t always plain sailing, there will always be an affirmation for you to build the life you want, by acknowledging the good vibes you can already have.

Feel free to chop and change your favorite law of assumption affirmations as your life continues to progress. Now go ahead and manifest that dream life that’s already yours!

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