How To Manifest Writing Down?

Have you ever desired something so much, but have had difficulty achieving it? You might need to try manifestation! 

Manifestation works on the principle that we receive the same energy that we exhibit in the universe.

How To Manifest Writing Down?

If you want something, you need to shift your mindset to one that matches your dreams, targets, and goals.

You can manifest in several ways, but one effective way of doing so is through writing.

If you’ve ever wondered how to manifest on paper, you’ll learn how to do so in this post.

If you’re ready to start manifesting your dreams once and for all, keep reading! 

What Does Manifestation Involve?

Manifestation is related to the law of attraction. Attracting anything, be it a new career, money, or a relationship, requires your energy to align with those goals.

This involves visualizing having these things so you switch your mindset to one that is open to receiving these desires. 

If we are in a scarcity mindset, believing that we don’t have enough, our energy will not align with the energy that we would have if we obtained these goals.

This means that the universe won’t be able to bring us the things we want. 

You can think of this by picturing two magnets. If you are in a scarcity mindset, you will start repelling the things you want to achieve.

However, if you switch your mentality to match the state in which you already have the things you want, the magnet will turn around to attract these desires.

Manifesting Through Writing Down

How To Manifest Writing Down?

Now you know what manifestation involves, we can cover how to use writing to manifest the things you want. 

1. Select A Journal

The first step you need to take is selecting a journal. You will be writing in this every day, so make sure that it’s one that you will like to write in. 

Think about whether you’d like dotted, lined, or plain paper, and choose a pen that you like too. 

2. Say A Phrase

Begin by summing up your desires in a single phrase. These sentences will act as a starting point that you can work from.

You don’t need to worry about the correct wording or grammar yet, just focus on having something written down.

3. Broaden These Thoughts

Manifesting something successfully relies on being specific. What do you want and why do you want it?

If you aren’t clear about your desires, you might end up with things that you didn’t want.

Think about what, specifically, you want. For instance, if you want a new job, what job position or career are you wishing for?

If it’s money, how much do you desire? Note down the things you want as accurately as possible.

Then you need to think about why you want to manifest these things. What will having these things do for your life?

From the same examples, if you want a new job, what is attractive about that position? In the case of money, what would you spend the money on?

These thoughts need to be specific so you can visualize a clear image of the things that you want. 

4. Affirmations And Mantras

After you’ve noted down the specifics, you can start manifesting! Mantras and affirmations are phrases and words that remind you of your goals.

You can look these phrases up online, but it’s best to create your own so that they are relevant to the things you are trying to manifest.

Aim to create around three to five affirmations.

For instance, you might want to attract a romantic relationship and a new partner because you are alone and prepared to love again. Some examples of affirmations are:

  • I am full of love 
  • I am deserving of love
  • I let the universe show me love
  • I am a kind person
  • I am open to receiving affection

Mantras and affirmations are about the person you are trying to become.

You might not believe these affirmations at present, but you will when you achieve your desires. 

5. Repeat Affirmations

How To Manifest Writing Down?

Every day, in the morning, open your manifestation diary and write your affirmations in them again.

By repeating these phrases on paper, you will remind yourself of your goals and tell the universe what you want out of life.

These will also set you up in preparation for the day, reminding you to act in ways that will help you reach your goals.

This increases the chance of you receiving the things that you desire. 

6. Frequent Check-Ins

Manifestation is a lengthy process. You will need to rewrite your affirmations every day to align with your future life. 

In most cases, the goals and desires that you want to manifest will happen slowly instead of suddenly. This is why it can be difficult to track your development.

Aim to check in with yourself, at minimum, once every week, to see if you are on track to receiving your manifestation desires. 

If you notice that you aren’t on track, think about what you can do to align your energy with the things you want to manifest. 

7. Don’t Focus On The Results

You should have a distinct vision of the things you want to manifest when you create your affirmations.

Even so, you might notice that the universe may give you your desires in ways that you didn’t expect.

For instance, you might have been trying to manifest $10,000 to purchase a car so you can commute to work easily.

Instead of the money, you might find that your boss lets you use a company car, or that you win a competition in which a car is a prize.

No matter how your desires manifest, remember to be open and willing to accept them.

Manifestation isn’t a quick process, but as long as you stay positive and are prepared to do the work, you will achieve the things you want. 

The Bottom Line

You can practice manifesting in several ways, but writing can help you stay on track with your manifestation goals. 

Remember to be specific about what you want to manifest and why. Do make sure that you are consistent with rewriting and repeating your affirmations. 

Check-in with yourself every week, and if you find that you are slipping off course, don’t give up hope! 

Make the changes to align your energy with the things you want, and soon enough, the things that you want to manifest will come.

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