How To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

Some of the world’s most renowned individuals start working before the sun rises as they wake up and get out of bed early in the morning.

While you might not aspire to be like them, you might still wish to know some tricks that can help you escape the comfort of your blanket and seize the day.

How To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

Why Can’t I Climb Out Of My Bed In The Morning?

Be honest with yourself, if you have always found it impossible to get out of bed in the morning, then it’s not going to change from one day to the next.

Your bed might be simply too warm and cozy for you to climb out of it, but you still need to do so without it being such an inconvenience for you.

If that’s not the case, then you might not be sleeping well enough, and that certainly affects your desire to leave your bed when the alarm rings.

You might also be in a bad mood, be depressed or even be too stressed that getting out of bed in the morning is more than you can handle during that period of time.

Fortunately, there are numerous approaches you can try to deal with this issue.

How To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

Below we have 13 clever tips for getting out of your bed in the morning; from finding a partner-in-crime to planning your day the night ahead, keep on reading to learn how to leave that cozy blanket and feel good about it!

Seek Out An Early Bird Partner

Friends and relatives can provide encouragement and personal responsibility.

They can check in on you and motivate you with their words and support, while they can also help you and guide you through the process.

Request that someone texts or calls you every morning to make sure you are up and to know more about how you are progressing. The prospect of checking in may motivate you to get up.

Count On Your Pet

Pets can be beneficial to individuals who are experiencing symptoms of depression.

According to studies, pets, particularly dogs, can help with your stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and alleviate loneliness-related feelings.

Pets can also motivate you to stay active, something that will improve your overall well-being.

Furthermore, pets require you to climb out of bed as their restroom is that great outdoors that’s waiting for you to take a stroll in.

Take Baby Steps

Don’t dwell on the difficulties of the day. Concentrate on the present moment and set a “next phase” goal for yourself, even if that’s as simple as getting in the shower.

Once you have done that, make it your goal to get dressed and make something to eat, and so on. Taking baby steps will make it easier for you to get out of bed!

Concentrate On The Good Times And Days

You have probably felt like this before. And you almost certainly managed to overcome it.

Empower yourself by reminding yourself of your feelings then and the ways you still managed to overcome the challenges. The sense of achievement can be a powerful motivator to try again.

Entice Yourself

Entice Yourself

Do you remember just how great the first sip of that latte at your favorite coffee shop tastes? Keep that in mind and compel yourself to want it.

Whatever it is that you are craving, make that the motivator that will get you up in the morning.

Listen To Some Music

When you have your favorite tunes playing, it can be difficult to stay in bed. So, put on those upbeat songs that make you want to dance, and go for it.

Let The Sunshine In

This could be the song you are going to play and dance to, but it’s also what you should do to get out of bed.

Leave that blanket and go open the blinders to welcome the sun and let those bright lights make you feel more alive and awake.

Have Three Goals At A Time

Long to-do lists can be exhausting. And when you cannot complete the entire list, you might feel defeated. Rather, limit yourself to only three objectives.

Talk To People You Can Rely On

You may experience loneliness and feel alone if you suffer from depression or mental anguish.

It’s a strong feeling that might be challenging to get over and cause you to stop seeing or talking to other people.

However, try to combat those feelings and talk to the people you trust and who can help you with this.

Develop A Plan For Yourself

Ignore the voices in your head telling you to stay in bed (Also check out How To Get Out Of Your Head). Tell yourself about your plans for the day and get up to start ticking those boxes!

Find Positive Reminders

Photographs, sayings, and songs: All this stuff can bring to mind positive emotions and good times, so keep a photo album or radio by your bed.

This could assist you in overcoming that feeling of being trapped when you do not want to get up.

Fill Up Your Schedule

Try giving yourself something to look forward to every day. It could be a coffee date with your siblings and then a yoga class.

On your way to the yoga studio, stop by your mate’s showroom to see how they are.

Go For A Walk

Being outside is beneficial to your health and can help you focus better and speed up the healing process.

The sunlight and the fresh air can be beneficial, and you can start by stepping out on the balcony or garden before you start going for walks.

Schedule Some Time To Relax In Your Day

If you want time to relax, whether that’s taking a nap or watching some TV, make time for it in your schedule.

This will reassure you that, even if your day is hectic, you can always take a break before getting on with your day.

The Bottom Line

When you’re going through a hard time, feel exhausted, or are struggling to get out of bed, don’t pressure yourself. Use the above tricks and take it one day at a time!

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