30 Health Affirmations You Need Today

Our physical and mental health can be areas of our lives that we sometimes overlook, and you may think the power of affirmations is a little overstated and is something of a trend that doesn’t help everyone.

Still, there are circumstances where they can be of use to you.

30 Health Affirmations You Need Today

You might also be trying to build good habits regarding your exercise, diet, and mental outlook on how you see yourself.

In a way, we are all in some process of self-improvement, the only difference is in how we approach these changes and make them part of our often busy and hectic lifestyles.

Below you will find 30 health affirmations that can help you build a better picture of the changes you want to make, and you may get a better idea of the sorts of changes you’d like to make by simply using and saying out loud some of these daily affirmations.

Why Should You Use Affirmations?

There may be aspects of your lifestyle where your mindset or feelings toward a particular part of your lifestyle have you worried and affects the way you go about your day, and you may feel anxious to do certain things or go places because you negatively perceive yourself and are worried about other people’s view.

Suppose you feel this is holding you back and is making building healthier habits and choices harder for you.

In that case, affirmations can be an excellent place to start by giving yourself the confidence and reassurance that what you’re doing is, in some way, improving your health. 

You might also be motivated to start making changes as you may suffer from or are at risk of suffering from a condition that may be able to be improved by healthy lifestyle changes.

Once you feel that you are in a place where you can begin to improve your outlook, you can use any of the affirmations below and personalize them as you see fit.

Affirmations For A Healthy Body 

  • My body is my greatest ally
  • I can do anything with this body
  • I deserve to be healthy and happy 
  • I feel brilliant when I accomplish my goals
  • I have a strong and capable body 

Affirmations For A Healthy Diet

  • Making healthy meals is fun 
  • I feel grateful that I’m able to nourish my body
  • I love being in my kitchen 
  • I enjoy making nourishing foods
  • I am much more than a diet 

Affirmations For Exercise

  • I feel happy when I’m active
  • I feel energized after a workout
  • I can breathe and sleep better after exercise
  • Exercise makes me happier and less anxious
  • I make good choices with my workouts 

How To Make Your Affirmations More Effective

30 Health Affirmations You Need Today

You can use any combination of these affirmations or rewrite them so they focus on an aspect of your life that you may struggle with and want to change your outlook in that area, but to start, keep it simple and use around 3 or 4 of them as a starting point. 

Having your affirmations are written down and easily accessible is a win in itself, so well done, but you might be wondering how you can get the most out of your affirmations.

Below are a few approaches you can take for this type of self-improvement, as you might be surprised by how changing your thoughts on your process can make you more successful in the long run, and you may use these alongside reading or speaking your affirmations. 

Creating The Right Mindset

With a good idea of how these affirmations work, if you use positive instances such as ‘i can,’ ‘i will,’ or ‘i am,’ you’re giving your body and mind permission to let go of any negative or sabotaging thoughts and makes your outlook and changes easier to manage and achieve.

This is a good place to begin, as you might find that if you want to make changes or do something that causes you anxiety, like attending a gym, you can slowly start to let go of these fears and doubts you have, and before long it can become second nature. 

Other Sources Of Support 

This will likely be different for each person, and you may feel inclined to use other sources like therapy, consulting with a dietician, or creating a support network that can help put you on the right track if ever you feel you deviate from what you want to achieve. 

You can also use these sources to help you target specific changes that you want to change, and being more open about your fears and doubts with other people may sound scary at first, but you may find people share these thoughts, and helping each other can create stronger relationships. 

Making The Right Sort Of Changes 

Of course, you’ll have a vision of how you’d like to think, feel, and look, and making a few changes like facing your fears and eating healthier foods sound daunting, so you could focus on making small changes like reducing your portion sizes, or getting the optimal amount of sleep you need.

This process is all about listening to your body and seeing how it reacts to what you eat and what exercise you do, so becoming intuitive with it can help you identify something that might not work for you, where you could limit or swap this out for something else that benefits you more. 

You also want to be forgiving to yourself, if you find a choice you make sets you back or brings about negative or self-sabotaging thoughts, you can remind yourself that you are on a journey and that a part of this is about learning about yourself, and you may learn something that surprises you or you become grateful for. 

Make Your Affirmations A Priority

Not so much as dropping everything for them, but if you struggle with motivation, especially in the morning, you can go into another room with your affirmations and speak them into a mirror or speak them to yourself while you do other things to start your day.

Suppose you make your affirmations easier to access. In that case, you’ll become more comfortable using them in your routine.

Those tedious tasks like brushing your teeth or getting dressed can seem like more positive experiences as you change your mindset and behaviors. 

You might also want to have them at hand if you approach a stressful situation, you can take some time to yourself and find a quiet space where you can see your affirmations, and perhaps some breathing exercises can help you gain clarity in your situation. 

Helping With Your Self-Worth 

The way you look physically can be tied in with how you perceive yourself, and you can use some self-confidence affirmations with these ones to help you feel better about yourself as you go through this journey. 

Instead of dreading what you’re going to eat that day and how unsatisfying it might be to taste, you can think of the overall benefits this can have on your lifestyle in general.

It may be as simple as improving your relationship with food so you have more confidence when preparing and eating meals. 

Be Realistic With Some Types Of Behavior 

Learning how to think in a new type of way can be difficult, and there may be certain types of thinking or behavior that are hardwired into yourself, and letting these go is going to take some self-reflection.

This type of education can really help you see how your lifestyle changes are going to affect you in specific ways, and this can take longer than you think if you have set a particular time frame for your progress, which you should try to avoid and focus on the way that you feel right now. 

Unhealthy behaviors like smoking can also be included in this new type of thinking, so you can expect to make small mistakes along the way, as this can be a part of your self-improvement journey and is quite normal.  

The Bottom Line 

Our health and well-being are essential as they can affect us in many ways, from how we view things to the relationships we form with others.

If you feel you aren’t in a place mentally where becoming healthier is possible, be easy on yourself. If you really want to improve this aspect of your life, you can do so in small steps.

This could be due to the demands of a major change in your life like a new child or a relationship that may ask you of your time, but it is always worth taking some time out for yourself and asking how you can change your outlook for the better, as you begin to cope better with your ever-changing circumstances.

This process is a continual one, and you can continue to use affirmations however you see fit.

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