30 Friday Affirmations You Need Today

It’s no wonder that Friday is most people’s favorite day of the week! After a long week of working, knowing you have two days of rest before the grind starts again can be really uplifting. 

30 Friday Affirmations You Need Today

Most people give thanks and gratitude to Friday without consciously knowing about it. This is usually why people are in a better mood on Fridays.

If you want to start your weekend off right, one of the best things you can do is perform some affirmations to put yourself in a positive mood. 

Affirmations are short, powerful statements that are designed to make you feel more positive about yourself and the world around you. There are so many different affirmations for practically everything, and Fridays are absolutely no exception. 

Below, you will find 30 Friday affirmations that will help you give thanks for getting through the week and make your weekend even better. 

30 Friday Affirmations You Need Today

Each of these affirmations is perfect for ending your week in a positive way. We’ve broken down these affirmations into three different categories to show you how versatile affirmations can actually be.

Take a look at these affirmations and use the ones you feel most drawn to. You won’t be disappointed when you use these affirmations because you will feel much more positive and happy afterward. 

Friday Affirmations For Giving Thanks To The Week

One of the main reasons people love Friday is because it signifies the end of the working week. Whether you are working a 9 to 5 job or you’ve just finished school, knowing you have two days of rest coming up makes the whole day feel a bit lighter.

These affirmations are specifically designed to give thanks for the week you have gotten through. Ending your week on a positive and thankful note can really boost your mood, so let’s take a look at the affirmations!

  1. I am thankful for making it through this week
  2. I am grateful that today is Friday and I will soon be able to rest
  3. Though this week has been hard, I have achieved everything I set out to do
  4. I am grateful that this week went by quickly and I am excited for the weekend
  5. I am thankful for the lessons this week has taught me 
  6. I am thankful that I have been able to get through this week with ease
  7. I am grateful that this week hasn’t been too stressful for me
  8. I am looking forward to resting and having some fun over the weekend
  9. Friday reminds me that it’s ok to take a break
  10. Though I have struggled this week, I am thankful I get to try again Monday

Friday Affirmations For Giving Thanks To The Day

The whole mood of Fridays is so much different from the rest of the day. Mondays (Also check out the Sunday Affirmations You Need Today) can be quite a drag, especially when you know you have four more days to get through, Wednesdays can be hard because it’s right in the middle of the week.

But Fridays are a symbol of hope, almost like you’ve been holding your breath and you can finally release. These affirmations are designed to help you give thanks for the day itself, rather than the whole week. So let’s take a look! 

  1. I am so thankful that it is Friday today
  2. Friday reminds me that every beginning has an end
  3. No matter what happens today, I will be able to rest later
  4. I am grateful that my working week is almost done
  5. I am thankful that I get to have some fun after school/work today
  6. I am excited to experience today and all its possibilities
  7. Friday reminds me to enjoy the little things
  8. Today will be peaceful, happy, and devoid of stress
  9. I have the strength to get through today
  10. I am so thankful that my working day is over

Friday Affirmations For Gratitude 

And finally, we have Friday affirmations for gratitude. These affirmations are designed just to give thanks for yourself, those around you, and other things that will make your Friday even more pleasant. 

These affirmations are great if you just want to think a bit more positively and be reminded of your own power and everything you should be grateful for. Let’s take a look!

  1. I am thankful for the strength the universe has given me
  2. I am a superhero and I can get through anything
  3. I have learned many lessons today and I am thankful for them
  4. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I am given
  5. I am thankful for being surrounded by people who love me
  6. I trust in the universe to show me the right path
  7. I can conquer any challenge that comes my way
  8. Everything that I do today is enough and I have given my best effort
  9. I am enough and I don’t need to prove myself
  10. I am grateful for the positive energy that has surrounded me today
30 Friday Affirmations You Need Today

Ending The Week With Positivity

So why is it important to end your week on a positive note? Sure, there will be weeks and days that are considered bad and stressful, but you have the power to decide how you’re going to react to them. 

Choosing to end the week on a positive note helps you to understand that you have full control over your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs.

You have the power to decide how you’re going to react to things around you, and when you choose to be more positive, it will help you overcome many obstacles a lot easier. 

This is one of the main reasons why affirmations are so important. They train your brain to think more positively and when you think more positively, you attract more positive things. This goes for events, people, conversations, and everything in between! 

Choosing positivity does not mean you are ignoring the negative aspects of your mind or life. It simply means that you are choosing to react and deal with those negative aspects in a more productive and healthy way.

We can’t always control when something negative happens to us, but responding negatively can cause us a lot of stress and in a lot of cases, this makes the whole situation worse. 

Even if you have a hard and stressful day, you can still feel thankful for that day. Look at hard days as a lesson from the universe that is teaching you more about yourself.

Sometimes you’ll have an interaction with someone being negative, but more often than not, their negativity is more a reflection of themselves rather than you. 

Choosing to end your week in a positive mindset will set you up for more success. Affirmations work hand in hand with manifestation, so if you want to be more successful in life, you have to train yourself to be more positive. 

It will take a bit of getting used to, forcing yourself to think positively is really strange when you first start! But once you get used to it, you’ll find that your whole quality of life has drastically improved! 

Start your weekend off the right way and use the affirmations we’ve provided to help get you into a more positive mindset. 

Tips & Tricks For Mastering Affirmations

If you’ve never used affirmations before, it can be quite tricky to get used to them. It can feel unnatural or even a bit silly at first, but we can promise you that everyone who uses affirmations has felt like this from time to time. 

To help you get into using affirmations more frequently, check out these tips: 

  • Go at your own pace. The main thing you have to remember about affirmations is that you should rush through them. You want to really absorb what you are saying and thinking, so take your time! You should also say them as many times as you need to in order for them to work. If you need to spend an hour of your day going through your affirmations, that’s perfectly fine! Affirmation practices are different for everyone.
  • Use a method that suits you. Though saying affirmations over and over out loud is the most common way to do it, don’t be afraid to mix it up so it suits you. In order to feel comfortable and believe your affirmations, you need to put yourself in that mindset. You can meditate on your affirmations, or you can write them down in your journal instead. There are plenty of ways to do your affirmations!
  • Cater your affirmations to you. Above all, make sure the affirmations you choose are relevant to you and your situation. It’s really easy to create your own affirmations, but if you want to use the ones we’ve provided, just tailor them to suit your own individual situation. The more personal the affirmation, the easier it is to believe. 


Start your weekend off the right way by giving thanks for a beautiful Friday! The affirmations we have provided are the perfect way to end your week and head into the weekend in a positive mindset!

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