Am I on the Right Path?

When you’re on the precipice of growth in your personal life or your business, it’s exciting. But then, a voice pops into your head. Am I really on the right path? Is that a voice worth paying attention to, or are you just getting in your own way?

If you’re asking, “Am I on the right path?” then you’re looking to an external authority to make decisions about your life. That autonomy belongs to you, and you get to make decisions that are in line with your values.

Symptoms of an Unworthiness Mindset

If I asked you, “Do you feel worthy?” you might tell me yes. But it’s possible that you’ve got a sense of unworthiness lingering underneath the surface. Whether or not you realize that’s what’s going on, an unworthiness mindset could be holding you back in your business or your relationships.

Unworthiness can show up anywhere you’re trying to create results in your life.  It often manifests in sneaky forms. If you’re working yourself to the bone, procrastinating on next steps, or trying to beat yourself into action, check to see whether an unworthiness mindset is influencing you.

The Power of Play

Life seems like serious business. When it comes to work and relationships and everything else, it seems like you’d better take it seriously. If not, there’s a chance that everything might fall apart, right? Not so fast.

Playfulness can be an effective way to approach your life and work. Through play, you can stimulate your brain, reach higher levels of creativity, and develop a greater capacity for risk-taking. Plus, things are just more fun when they involve play!