5 Ways to Choose Empowering Language

If you’re feeling held back from the reality you want to experience, take a look at the words you’re using. Disempowering language may be shaping a reality that’s the opposite of the life you’d like to have.

Why does empowering language matter? Language tends to be the tip of a belief iceberg. It points to the model of reality that you’re holding and shapes your concepts about the world. Being selective about the words you use will give you more possibility and choice in your existence.

3 Empowering Language Patterns That Can Change Your Reality

Words are just words, right? Does it really matter what you say or how you say it? You might think that your language is neutral, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, the things you say can work to disempower you.

The language you select is important because it’s how you conceptualize the world. Through your words, you make a schema of what’s existing around you. When you choose empowering language, you can create the reality that you want to experience in the world.