30 Beauty Affirmations You Need Today

If you struggle to see beauty in yourself, or even around you, affirmations can help to transform the way you think and feel.

These short, memorable lines offer comfort and confidence when thought or said aloud, with a lasting after-effect that can turn your perception around.

30 Beauty Affirmations You Need Today

So, below, we’ve listed 30 beauty affirmations that you need today. No matter who you are, empower yourself with the following affirmations to rediscover your beauty and confidence, and carry yourself with pride!

1. I Am Beautiful

This is a simple but powerful affirmation to reassure and remind yourself that you are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, regardless of what current “beauty standards” are considered to be!

2. I Am Beautiful Inside Out

Beauty isn’t just on the outside. If you struggle to see yourself as beautiful inside and out, repeating this simple but effective affirmation can help to change the way you perceive yourself altogether.

3. I Love My Body

Many of us struggle with loving our bodies. If you relate, this is a short but memorable affirmation that can help you to love your body; not just for how it looks, but for the fact that your body is all yours.

4. I Am Satisfied With My Appearance

It’s hard to be completely satisfied with our appearance. If you’re someone who frequently nit-picks small imperfections, this is a good affirmation for reassuring yourself that you are satisfied and grateful with how you look.

5. I Love To Exercise And Eat Healthily

Health is wealth – but so is beauty and confidence. If you struggle to exercise and eat healthily, it can help to repeat this affirmation to encourage a better lifestyle. You don’t just exercise and eat healthily; you love it!

6. I See Beauty In Everything

Stress, anxiety, depression, and even high self-esteem can prevent us from seeing beauty in the things around us. This affirmation won’t just help you to recognize beauty, but be more positive and optimistic about life in general.

7. Everyone Around Me Is Beautiful As I Am

It’s sometimes more rewarding to compliment others than it is to compliment yourself. As beautiful as you are, it’s good to see beauty in all people: your friends, your family, and the strangers you pass!

8. I Am Perfect Just The Way I Am

You’re just not beautiful; you’re perfect. You are just as you are supposed to be, and there’s nothing more beautiful and perfect than that. Use this simple but powerful affirmation as a reminder of that!

9. It Is Pointless To Compare Myself With Others

Everyone is totally unique – which simply makes it pointless to compare one person to another. If you are someone who often compares themselves to others, use this affirmation as a reminder of your uniqueness.

10. I Am Proud Of My Clothes

Sometimes we feel more beautiful due to what we’re wearing. But it shouldn’t just be expensive brands that make you feel beautiful; this affirmation can help you feel proud of any clothes you’re wearing so you can always carry yourself with confidence.

11. I Don’t Need To Change Myself To Be Beautiful

It’s time to stop thinking about how you would “be more beautiful” by changing your appearance in any way. You are beautiful as you are, and you can use this affirmation for positive reassurance in times of self-doubt and insecurity.

12. Imperfections Make Me Beautiful

As much of a cliché as it is, no one is perfect. And it is, in fact, our imperfections that make us beautiful. If you always find imperfections with yourself, this is a powerful affirmation you can use to change your thinking.

13. I Feel Comfortable And Confident In My Own Skin

Feeling beautiful is feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin – no matter how you look or what you are wearing. Remember and repeat this affirmation to feel comfortable and confident no matter when.

14. I Am Not Concerned With Others’ Opinions

Hearing the opinions of others and being judged by other people can affect how beautiful and confident we feel. But the fact is that it’s only your opinion of yourself that matters! Use this affirmation as a reminder of that.

15. Confidence Is Beauty

Beauty isn’t just based on appearance. Confidence is beautiful, which includes how you walk, talk, and treat others. Even if you are humble enough to not consider yourself beautiful, who you are is still beautiful!

16. I Love My Wrinkles, Stretch Marks, And Scars

Wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars are imperfections that can leave us feeling insecure and lacking in confidence. But it’s important to love these as they are a part of who you are. There are no benefits to hating them, so love them instead!

17. I Have Never Looked Better

Aging can make us feel less beautiful. But youth is not the sole requisite for beauty. Beauty has many appearances, so use this affirmation to tell yourself that you have never been more beautiful.

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18. I Feel Young And Beautiful

No matter whether you are the “definition” of young or not, it’s true that you are as young as you feel (You might also want to check out Positive Affirmations For Teens You Need Today). The same applies to how beautiful you feel, and this affirmation is perfect for reminding yourself of that.

19. I Don’t Need Makeup To Be Beautiful

If you’re someone who only feels beautiful and confident while wearing makeup, this affirmation is for you. You are beautiful from the inside out, regardless of what you’re wearing on your face or body. 

20. I Am Happy With My Weight

Not being slim and slender does not mean you are not beautiful. You are beautiful at any weight, so you should be happy about that! Use this affirmation as a reassurance of your happiness and contentment.

21. I Love My Body Shape

Similar to loving your weight, you should also love your body shape. Your body shape is your own and it’s completely unique, and you can empower yourself with this affirmation to be confident and content whenever you need it.

22. My Personality Is Beautiful

A person, physically beautiful or not, is only as beautiful as their personality. If you often doubt your personality or what others think of you, this affirmation is a powerful reminder that your personality is perfectly beautiful.

23. I Love My Hair

Just like our facial features and body, feeling insecure about our hair can make us feel less beautiful. So no matter whether your hair is too curly, too straight, or too unruly, learn to love your hair as it is with this comforting affirmation.

24. I Exude Beauty And Confidence

Don’t just feel beautiful; exude your beauty and confidence! There’s nothing wrong with projecting beauty and confidence, as it can be more noticeable than physical beauty itself – this affirmation can remind you of that.

25. I Am Worthy Of Self-Love

If you often doubt whether you are deserving of love, or even self-love, it’s important to tell yourself that you are worthy. Everyone is, after all – and that doesn’t exclude you. Give yourself reassurance with this empowering affirmation.

26. I Love My Smile

It’s not uncommon for people to be insecure about their smiles, or laughs. But your smile is 100% unique and nothing shows more confidence than a beaming smile! Learn to love your smile by repeating this simple affirmation. 

27. I Love My Style

Your style and dress sense is representative of your personality, history, and everything you’ve taken inspiration from, so you should flaunt it with pride! If you often doubt your style or get insecure about what others think, this affirmation is for you.

28. Confidence Is The Best Outfit

No matter what you’re wearing, the best outfit is always confidence. Confidence is beautiful, so it’s the one outfit you should always wear – whether you’re heading outside or staying inside the house! Remind yourself of that with this affirmation.

29. My Life Is Full Of Beauty

Beauty can be seen everywhere and in everything. Through this affirmation, don’t just feel beautiful; choose to see beauty in everything around you in your life, as it can help you to be more positive and optimistic in general.

30. My Beauty Is Unique

You’re not only beautiful; your beauty is unique to you, which makes you that much more beautiful. Being unique is beautiful, after all, so this final affirmation is a powerful reminder of both your uniqueness and your beauty – inside and out.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we hope you found an affirmation, or several affirmations, from the above that resonated with you.

These can be said aloud or repeated in your head to remind and reassure yourself of your beauty, so that you can always carry yourself with pride and confidence.

Just remember that beauty isn’t what other people consider beautiful. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and that beholder is you! Putting yourself donw doesn’t offer any benefits, so why not choose to feel beautiful?

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