30 Affirmations For Teachers You Need Today

Not all heroes wear capes, and this is definitely true for teachers. They have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Not only are they looking after our kids throughout the day, but they are also trying to help them learn and prepare them for their futures. 

30 Affirmations For Teachers You Need Today

Being a teacher is absolutely no walk in the park, and if you are a teacher yourself, you probably have days where you are a bit more stressed and in a negative headspace. It’s important for you to remember that these days are perfectly fine! 

If you’re looking for ways to destress and be more positive in your job, a great thing you can start practicing is reciting affirmations. 

Affirmations are powerful statements that are designed to help you believe in yourself and look at situations more positively. There are so many different things you can say affirmations for, and teaching is absolutely no exception. 

We’ve put together a list of 30 affirmations for teachers that you need to try today. Each of these affirmations will put you in a more positive headspace, which in turn, will rub off on your students

30 Affirmations For Teachers You Need Today

We’ve broken down these teaching affirmations into three categories to help both you and your classroom be a hub of positivity.

Each of these affirmations works well for different aspects of your job and once you try them for yourself, you’ll find your job environment is a lot more positive. So let’s take a look. 

Affirmations For Yourself

Before you work on your classroom’s positivity, you need to first work on your own. Sometimes, you will get days where you don’t feel like you’re doing the right job and you might even feel like you’re failing. 

But once you apply these affirmations to your life, you’ll find that you have a lot more motivation and the bad days won’t be as hard. Let’s take a look at some affirmations for you as a teacher! 

  1. I am good at my job and thankful I get the opportunity to do it
  2. Even on the hardest days, I am passionate about what I do
  3. I am a good teacher and I believe in myself 
  4. My students trust in my teaching ability and I am grateful for that
  5. I love being a teacher
  6. I am confident in my ability to teach
  7. This is what I was born to do
  8. It is ok to stray from my lesson plan and be flexible
  9. The work I do will change people’s lives in a positive way
  10. I trust in the universe to guide me through this day

Affirmations For Your Classroom

Once you have a more positive mindset about yourself and your ability to teach, you can start to use affirmations that will stretch to your students too. 

It’s no secret that every teacher and every classroom has students that are a bit more challenging to deal with, and sometimes this can cause a lot of stress. 

By saying these affirmations to yourself, you will put yourself in a more positive mindset, and in turn, this will rub off on your students and the classroom a bit too! 

  1. My students respect me and I respect them
  2. I create a supportive and caring learning environment
  3. I inspire my students to want to learn
  4. I make a difference in my student’s lives
  5. I have the strength and commitment to be able to deal with even the most challenging students
  6. I have control over my emotions and in turn, this inspires my students to have control over theirs
  7. My students are comfortable enough with me that they can ask for my help and support
  8. I am calm and in control of the classroom at all times
  9. I create a safe environment for my students
  10. My students respect the way I teach and respect the boundaries I put in place
30 Affirmations For Teachers You Need Today

Other Affirmations For Teachers

There are so many different types of affirmations you can apply to yourself as a teacher, your students, and your teaching environment. You can show gratitude for what you do and for your students, or you can work on making your classroom a hub of positivity. 

It really depends on what you want from your affirmations and what kind of classroom you want to run. Here are some other teaching affirmations that will help you in your job:

  1. I am not alone and there are other teachers here who will support me
  2. Today I will make at least one student feel good about themselves
  3. My job is important and it makes a huge difference
  4. I deserve to be respected for what I do
  5. I do the best that I can and put my heart and soul into my work
  6. My classroom is a safe space 
  7. I am very professional in my job and this shows in how I act
  8. It is ok to ask for help if I need it and no one will think negatively of me for doing so
  9. I motivate and empower my students and myself
  10. I am thankful for being able to guide my students through this portion of their life 

A Positive Environment Can Make All The Difference 

Do you remember being in school and there was always that one teacher who would be angry all the time? Do you remember how the entire class would either act up for this teacher or just be too scared to even say anything to them?

Well if you do, think about how toxic this environment was, not just to the students, but to the teacher too. 

This is why affirmations are so important. They can help you train yourself to be more positive and if you have moments where you are angry, you can take a moment to recite these affirmations instead of getting angry and screaming at the class. 

The more positive and friendly you appear to your students, the more positive and safe the whole classroom will be. You do of course need to establish boundaries, because these students aren’t your friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be kind to them! 

A good teacher knows how to establish a positive environment for their students to learn. The safer the students feel and the more they respect the teacher, the more likely they are to actually learn something.

More often than not, reciting these affirmations before, during, and after your class is all you need to create a more positive environment. 

If you are really confident in your affirmations, you can even assign 5 minutes at the beginning or end of your class where you and the students make affirmations together.

This way, you can help your students get into a more positive mindset and you can also help them learn to stay positive which will help them later on in their life. 

Affirmations are very powerful things and when they are used correctly, they can really make the world of difference to whoever is using them.

Creating a positive environment is one of the most important things you can do as a teacher, and it won’t just benefit your students, it will also benefit you! 

Tips & Tricks For Saying Affirmations

If you are new to reciting affirmations, then it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve! These tips are designed to help you settle into using affirmations more frequently and effectively, so don’t hesitate to use them if you need to. 

  • Personalize your affirmations. One of the most important parts of making affirmations work is making sure they fit your own personality and situation. Most of the affirmations we have listed here can work for anyone, but if you have something specific you want to work on, don’t be afraid to personalize the affirmations to fit that thing! The more personal an affirmation, the more likely it is to work. 
  • Use a method that works for you. The most common way people use affirmations is of course by reciting them either out loud on in their head, but if this doesn’t feel natural to you, you can try other methods. Some other common methods include writing them down in your journal or even just meditating on them. There are plenty of methods you can use and look into, so don’t be afraid to switch them up to suit your needs. 
  • Remember to take your time. Affirmations can’t be rushed, they are meant to be a slow process. If you find yourself rushing through reciting them, you’re more likely to get stressed and not believe what you are saying. Take your time and say them slowly and as many times as you need in order for them to work.


Teaching is far from an easy job, but when you find ways to keep even the most stressful of days positive, you can really make the job a whole lot easier. 

Try some of these affirmations out for yourself and don’t be afraid to personalize them so they fit your own unique situation!

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