30 Affirmations For Marriage You Need Today

Being married is never easy, no matter how much you and your spouse love each other.

Those that say it is easy, well, they might not exactly be telling the whole truth – and that’s okay.

30 Affirmations For Marriage You Need Today

Needing to boost some positivity into your marriage is not necessarily a bad thing. We could all do with reaffirming our feelings and commitment to one another daily. 

Doing so can actually make you and your partner’s bond even stronger. Affirmations, after all, are there to make sure you are confident and heading in the right direction.

They can also help you to make things happen in your life, too.

After all, if you are positive, you are more likely to work at something than let it just be. So, with all this in mind, we have given you 30 affirmations to say every day as a married couple.

Also, before we get into that, let’s take a look at what affirmations actually are. 

Why Use Affirmations For Marriage?

Using affirmations, no matter what scenario you find yourself in, is a great way to stay positive.

When it comes to a marriage, affirmations can help you and your spouse to focus on a particular direction that you would like to see yourselves in.

Affirmations generally help you to acknowledge a feeling or action, declare it, and confirm why it matters to you on a daily basis. 

It helps you to look at something without judgment, or being indecisive. Instead, an affirmation can help you to look at something with a positive outlook and focus, without any other distractions. 

Affirmations are also super easy to do. All you need to do is say a line or two to yourself every day.

This means you are not losing anything in the process – you can do it while getting ready in the morning.

This means that saying affirmations is worth a try, no matter how silly you feel at first.

If it helps, you can also write an affirmation down a day in a journal. This way, you have it in writing and can look back on them. 

30 Affirmations For Married Couples To Use Right Now

  1. It feels really good to be in this committed relationship.
  2. My purpose in this relationship is to give, as well as receive, love.
  3. I believe in all areas of my marriage.
  4. I have a yearning every morning and night to kiss my husband/wife.
  5. Communication within my marriage is honest and open.
  6. I must forgive my husband/wife and not hold any grudges against them. 
  7. As a team, we can triumph over everything that gets in our way.
  8. Every day I shall ask myself the question: “How can I show my spouse that I love him/her?”
  9. My spouse and I have the freedom to be ourselves within our marriage.
  10. I accept that my spouse and I will have a difference of opinion and I shall accept it without any judgment. 
  11. I choose to always focus on the positives in our marriage.
  12. I will always support my spouse with their decisions.
  13. Every past relationship has prepared me to fall in love with my spouse, and prepare for full commitment. 
  14. My spouse is my soulmate.
  15. I appreciate everything about my partner.
  16. In this marriage I am whole, happy, and committed.
  17. I trust that the universe has chosen the right partner for me to love for the rest of my life.
  18. My partner and I are getting stronger everyday within our marriage.
  19. My partner is my best friend and always will be. 
  20. When I am angry, I shall learn to control my own tongue, and only fight when it is fair to do so if we both disagree. 
  21. I will not hold on to any wrongs made in the past, and will be kind and patient to let this love grow and grow. 
  22. I will always accept the fact that my spouse is different from me, and I shall respect all of the differences, and he/she shall respect mine.
  23. I accept that there will be bad days within the marriage, but we shall work our problems out and move forward together. 
  24. Our marriage is full of feelings of gratitude
  25. I will always accept that there is an opportunity to be the first one to apologize. 
  26. I am completely devoted and loyal to my spouse.
  27. I will always listen to my spouse before reacting with anger.
  28. I am enjoying all the good things that come with being married.
  29. I will always let love lead my spouse and I into a strong marriage as the years go by. 
  30. I will always choose to put love first. 

Do Marriage Affirmations Help To Heal A Marriage?

Absolutely affirmations can help to heal a marriage. The reason they can help to heal a broken down marriage is because affirmations help you to move forward and focus on the positive.

For example: “I must forgive my husband/wife and not hold any grudges against them.” 

No matter what kind of relationship it is – a friend, romantic, or family – holding a grudge can be unhealthy.

Learning to forgive and let go can reap lots of benefits, one being the healing of your marriage.

Also: “I will not hold on to any wrongs made in the past, and will be kind and patient to let this love grow and grow.”

Do Marriage Affirmations Help To Heal A Marriage?

Bad things can happen in a marriage, but how we deal with them is what matters.

Using affirmations together can be a great way for you both to work alongside each other to make your marriage stronger than ever. 

When Should You Use Affirmations?

When and where you use affirmations is entirely up to you. However, most people like to say an affirmation (or more) at the beginning of the day to stay motivated.

For example, while getting ready for the day, you can look in the mirror and say an affirmation to yourself out loud. If you need that extra boost later on, you can also say the affirmation before bed.

Another great time to say an affirmation is when you find that negative thoughts are creeping in.

It is only human nature that we may find times when we are not positive. Using affirmations can change your mindset.

That is because affirmations are positive, and can be used to replace negative thoughts.

If you do not want to say affirmations aloud, then writing them down in a journal is a great way to stay focused.

It also allows you to read the affirmations you have written down over the last few weeks.

Overall, it is a great way to stay positive and on track. 

Are Affirmations The Same As Manifestation?

Affirmations and manifestations are very similar, and can be used together. However, there is a difference. When we affirm our words, we are saying that something is true. For example:

“We are in a committed relationship.”

Doing this can help us to change the way we feel about something, for example our marriage. If you have trust issues within a relationship, you can affirm that you are both committed. 

When it comes to manifesting, it is about telling ourselves that we want to attract something. So, you could say: “The universe will lead the way in showing me a committed relationship.”

When it comes to manifesting an affirmation within the marriage, you could say:

“I am currently working on a way to strengthen my marriage, and have a plan to make sure it improves. I can see that I will grow and learn from past mistakes.”

While a manifestation can be more and more words, it makes sure that the goal you have chosen is focused and easier to help motivate yourself to achieving it. 

Can You Use Affirmations To Attract A Marriage?

When you begin using affirmations, you need to believe in the words that you are saying.

If you are hoping to attract marriage, then you need to find words that give you a purpose and that make you feel good.

In fact, that is the general feeling when you know that the affirmations you are saying are important to you.

You can use affirmations to attract marriage. So long as you understand and believe that you are in a committed relationship, the universe will use its energy to help you find marriage. 

Final Thoughts

Marriage is not easy, and those that say it are? Well, they might not be telling the whole truth.

Using affirmations is a great way to bring in positivity, as well as change both you and your spouse’s outlook on the marriage.

Often we find ourselves seeping into negative thoughts, especially when we have committed ourselves into something like a marriage, no matter how much we love and desire the other person.

Hopefully you will have found some helpful affirmations above to help bring some positivity and strength back into your marriage, or just to remind you that you and your partner will forever be besties. 

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