30 Affirmations For Friendship You Need Today

Affirmations are so important for mental clarity, health, and well-being.

Speaking affirmations into existence can change the course of your life – with just a few words, spoken for a few minutes of your day. 

30 Affirmations For Friendship You Need Today

These are short but powerful sentences that you speak every day into existence. The theory behind it is that the more you say a phrase, the more you start to believe it.

Once you believe it, the statement comes true and shapes your life for the better.

Affirmations can impact any area of your life that you want to target, and friendship is an excellent area to test it on.

Whether it’s making new friends, strengthening current bonds, or reconciling old tethers, here are 30 affirmations for friendship.

What Are Affirmations?  

Affirmations are small but mighty statements that have the power to change the trajectory of your thoughts.

These small sentences are carefully created to have the most impact and control on your thoughts. 

Research has shown that humans have around 50,000 subconscious thoughts alone and that 80% of those are negative. You’re going to have to fight off that negativity in some way! 

Affirmations bring attention to your thoughts. So, when you keep positive affirmations at the front of your brain, you’ll be able to control the negative ones and hopefully stop them from taking over. 

Affirming something is to speak it into existence. Repeating positive affirmations over and over will declare positive thoughts as the truth.  

By reinforcing these positive affirmations, you can prioritize positive thinking over negativity.

Making these statements a part of your daily life will better your mental health and well-being in the long term. 

Making New Friends 

These affirmations are perfect if you’re wanting to make new friends.

Whether you’ve moved to a new area, started a new job where you don’t know anyone, or just want to expand your circle of friends, these affirmations are perfect for building confidence to talk to new people. 

  1. I am ready to make new friends and will attract positive people into my life. 
  2. I will make friendships that are beautiful and fulfilling.
  3. Every day, positive and amazing people enter my life and leave their marks on me.
  4. I love meeting new people and making new friends that I admire and respect. 
  5. I can talk to anyone around me without worry. 
  6. New people don’t make me uncomfortable and I can converse with them with ease.
  7. My circle of friends only keeps expanding to a level that I’m comfortable with.
  8. I can make friends naturally and without effort.
  9. I choose only the best people to make friends with and keep in my life.
  10. I believe people know I’m a good person, and that’s why they wish to befriend me.

Strengthening Friendship Bonds 

30 Affirmations For Friendship You Need Today

If you already have a group of friends that you’re happy with, you might not want to make any more intentionally.

Instead, you could use affirmations to build upon existing friendships and ensure that you keep these people in your life for the long haul. 

No one likes losing friendships, so affirmations strengthen these bonds with your friends to ensure that you maintain a happy and healthy friendship for years to come. 

  1. I feel safe in the company that I keep. 
  2. My friends and I encourage one another in everything that we do. 
  3. My friends make me laugh, and that gives me joy.
  4. I cherish my friends and love the impact that they have on my life.
  5. All of my friends are lovely people in their own way.
  6. I nurture my friendships as they nurture me.
  7. I can be honest with my friends, just like they’re always honest with me.
  8. Everyone in my circle is a loyal and trustworthy person.
  9. Even though I’m imperfect, and my friends are, too, it helps me remain down-to-earth and human.
  10. I am faithful and true to my friends, just as they are to me.

Reconciling With Old Friends

Some people grow apart from one another – it’s just a way of life. However, you have the power to change this, if you want to.

Some friends leave your life because you’re not right for each other – perhaps they are toxic or bring you negativity. 

However, if you wish to reconcile with an old friend who brings you joy and love, then here are some affirmations to practice. 

  1. The more valued the friendship, the longer it will take to heal, and the more worthwhile it will be.
  2. I will forgive my friends because I have chosen the right people to be in my life. 
  3. I believe I’m powerful enough to maintain long-lasting friendships.
  4. I am human and I am allowed to make mistakes, as long as I take the actions to correct them with love and trust. 
  5. The positive energy of our friendship group heals all disagreements. 
  6. I am the kind of person that can say sorry and admit when I make a mistake. 
  7. I have the right to choose friendships that benefit me.
  8. Whenever I cause a friend pain, I vow to be a better friend to them in the future.
  9. All of my relationships are worthy of love and repair as and when it is required. 
  10. I surround myself with supportive friends who are always there for me in times of need.

Using Affirmations For Friendships

30 Affirmations For Friendship You Need Today

As with affirmations for anything, using them only once might not speak them into existence.

This is because most affirmations take practice and time to see an effect, so you need to use your chosen affirmations every single day. 

We suggest choosing a few affirmations from our list above to say every day. You can do this whenever suits your schedule, but make sure that you remember to use them. 

One thing that we have found helpful over the years is writing our affirmations on sticky notes and leaving them where we will see them.

Think of the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, or on your computer screen. 

Stick your affirmations anywhere that you will see them and practice them when you do. 

The idea with affirmations is that you start to believe the words the more you say them, and this will change your outlook on friendships.

So, stick your affirmations all over your house! The more you see them and speak them, the quicker you will start to believe the words. 

Eventually, you should see a change in your mindset and attitude towards friends.

While it might take some time to perfect, you will feel so much better once you feel the shift within to let you know that your hard work has paid off. 

What If Your Affirmations Aren’t Working? 

If you feel as though you’re not clicking with your affirmations, you can alter them slightly to take on a new meaning.

Affirmations are subject to your mind and attitude, so our list might not work for everyone. 

Instead, use it as a guideline of what areas to speak about when creating your affirmations. 

Again, remember that speaking affirmations into existence take time and patience.

However, if you can feel that they’re not working, you might need to adjust them to ring more true for you.

If you’re using affirmations to strengthen friendships or reconcile old ones, consider whether this is really what you want to do.

Your subconscious might be blocking the affirmations from working due to not actually wanting to strengthen these bonds. 

This might be true for toxic friendships or people that you shouldn’t be letting in your life.

While you might want to reconcile the friendship now, is that really what’s best for your mental health and well-being?

Your subconscious might know the correct answer, which is why the affirmations aren’t working. 

While you might not want to admit that your friendship with someone is doing more harm than good, it is sometimes a necessary evil that you need to address. 

With so much negativity traveling around our subconscious as it is, there is no room for negative friendships as well! 

So, the affirmations might not be working simply because they need to be better tailored to you, or you haven’t given them enough time to work properly.

However, there could also be a deeper meaning as to why the affirmations are not working correctly, and you may need to consider looking inwards for the explanation. 


And there we have it – 30 affirmations for friendships. Friends are incredibly important in life, as you need people around you to help navigate through life.

Life without friends isn’t any fun! 

But, making friends is still difficult in your adult years, and keeping friendships strong when you’re both so busy can be difficult.

Hopefully, the affirmations that we have mentioned today will help you keep a positive outlook on your friendships and ensure that they continue to enrich your life as they should. 

Consider a few affirmations from the list above and stick them all over your house so that you’ll be able to see them throughout the day.

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