About Us

Hi, we are Ben Easter and Paige Stephens-Easter, partners (in business and life) devoted to creating more freedom in the world.

We built Brainbot in order to help our fellow humans to experience freedom the way that we get to. Freedom from suffering. Freedom to thrive.

When we aren't working on Brainbot, we have immersed ourselves in the world of mindset, personal development, and strategy with our full-time business - Lucid Shift Coaching.

Since meeting at a 10-day silent meditation retreat (they don't even let you make eye-contact!), we have both been focused on growing together in business and in life.

Ben and Paige

Personal responsibility, acceptance, mindfulness, and practice are the most important things in the pursuit of your best life, so we've dedicated our lives to cultivating these qualities in ourselves and others.

Our core values include Play, Growth, Connection, Collaboration, and Authenticity. These apply to our work, relationship, social circle, and every area of our lives where we want to feel alive and free.

Pixie, our purple-eared labradoodle, embodies our core values and helps us remain playful. She is the unofficial mascot of Lucid Shift Coaching - and a frequent source of inspiration in how to live a life of play, curiosity, and joy.

Please enjoy the site and join us on this journey of personal development through mindfulness, practice, philosophy, and more.